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XeneCore is a new fiber technology that uses high-pressure solids to form and reinforce the graphite fiber composite to incredible levels of strength that has allowed Donnay designers to reduce the thickness of the racquet beam width to a dramatic 15 millimeters, the thinnest in tennis. The thin beams greatly reduce air resistance (the same reason that sleek sports cars outperform bulky SUVs in wind-tunnel tests) providing unparalleled levels of maneuverability. The high-tensile strength of XeneCore also dampens vibration and provides unexpected power, while reducing the "shadow effect" from the beam blocking a portion of the string bed on off-center hits resulting in "frame shots." The net result of XeneCore technology is a previously unachievable level of all-around performance.
Donnay XeneCore

Donnay Formula Lite 100 Racquet
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