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Wilson has designed a racquet to put some whip into your swing! The Wilson Whip 170 features the NEW Power Hinge Technology that allows the string bed to move up to 5 milimeters in each direction, creating a greater trampoline effect, and thus, more power.

Wilson Whip 170 Racquetball Racquet

$199.00, Feedback

Wilson Lazer Stick BLX 180 Racquet

$179.00, Feedback

Wilson Lite Stick BLX 155 Racquet

$159.00, Feedback

Wilson Ugly Stick 165 BLX Racquet

, Feedback

Wilson Jammer Racquet

Wilson Krusher Racquet

Wilson 2013 Buzzsaw Racquet XS (3 7/8)


Wilson Zombie Racquet

Wilson Striker Racquet

Wilson HOPE Racquet XS (3 7/8)



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