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Donnay X-Dual Silver Lite Extended

Sale (1/2) Only. With its extended length, thin beam and maneuverable weight, this one is ideal for baseliners and aggressive servers who like to load the ball with spin and pace. Excellent feel! Head Size: 99 sq inches. Length: 27.5 inches. Swingweight: 317 (RDC).

$65.00, Feedback

Head MicroGEL Radical Midplus

Best Seller A comfortable midplus that offers tons of feel and control. Offers a very flexible and plush feel ideal for the stronger player seeking control. Headsize: 98sq. inches. Standard length.

$89.95, Review, Feedback

Head MicroGEL Radical Oversize

Sale A very comfortable oversize player's racquet. Offers a generous sweetspot and plenty of pop, yet is also big on feel and control. Headsize: 107sq. inches. Standard length.

$89.95, Feedback

Prince EXO3 Rebel 95

Sale (1/4), (3/8) Only. A lighter and faster update to the Rebel, this one rewards with easier access to spin and pace. The same control-oriented response shines through from all areas of the court. Strung weight: 12oz. Swingweight: 331.

$85.00, Review, Feedback

Prince EXO3 Rebel 98

(1/2) Only. The faster, more spin-friendly Rebel, this one is a great option for a big serving, heavy hitting baseline game. Ample control and feel from the flexible frame also makes this one shine at net. Strung weight: 11.2oz. Stiffness: 58 RA. Swingweight: 325 RDC.

$85.00, Review, Feedback

Prince EXO3 Warrior 100

Sale A comfortable racquet with all the control and spin needed for today's modern, aggressive player. Best suited to intermediate through advanced level players. Headsize: Strung weight: 11oz. Balance: 4pts head light. Flex: 64 RA.

$79.99, Review, Feedback

Prince O3 Hybrid Hornet Oversize

Sale Offering more power, comfort and mobility than the Triple Threat Hornet this O3 Hybrid version brings a lot of performance to the court for 3.0-4.5 level players. Standard length frame with an open, 16/19 string pattern. TENNIS Magazine's Editor's Choice.

$59.99, Feedback

Prince O3 Hybrid Pink OS

Best Seller (3/8) Only. Impressive comfort and power at a great price. This one is perfect for 3.5+ level players looking for easy depth and a very smooth ride. Headsize: String Pattern: 16x19. Standard Length

$39.00, Review

Prince O3 Hybrid Shark Oversize

Sale (5/8) Only. An Oversize racquet that offers a comfortable and slightly dampened feel thanks to the O Ports at 12 & 6 o'clock. Plenty of pop and access to spin for intermediate to advanced players. Extended length (27.5") with an 110 Square Inch Headsize.

$59.99, Feedback

Prince O3 Hybrid Spectrum OS

Sale (1/2) Only. The O3 Hybrid Spectrum racquets bring a lot of performance to the court for 3.0-5.0 level players. Both Midplus and Oversize feature standard length frames and open, 16/19 string patterns.

$59.99, Feedback

Prince O3 Original Red

Best Seller You'll find plenty of comfort, power and a lively feel from this maneuverable racquet. Offers a large and forgiving sweetspot and good access to spin.

$69.00, Review, Feedback

Prince O3 Original White

Best Seller A maneuverable racquet that also offers power, control and comfort. Well suited to an all court game. Features a 27" frame length, 100sq. in. headsize and a 16/19 string pattern.

$66.95, Review, Feedback

Prince Original Graphite Mid

Sale One of the best all-time traditional racquets. Even at 20yrs. old, it's a tough racquet to beat for feel and control. The 93 square inch headsize and open pattern provide feel, control and spin. Perfect for 5.0+ level players.

$99.00, Review, Feedback

Prince Ozone Hybrid Shark Oversize

Sale (1/2) Only. Offering tons of Comfort and power, this oversize racquet is a great option for beginners, intermediates and savvy doubles players looking to add a little more pop to their game. Headsize: 110 Length: 27.4 inches. String Patter: 16x19

$39.00, Feedback

Slazenger Pro Braided

Sale Tennis Warehouse Exclusive! Maneuverable and control-oriented, this classic is still an impressive option. A constant beam design and head light balance combine for a high quality response advanced players will love. Standard length. Headsize: 95sq. in.

$99.00, Review, Feedback

Slazenger V100 Team

Sale (3/8) Only. Fast and responsive, the V100 Team offers impressive mobility and easy access to power. Great for intermediate players looking for a solid all-court weapon. Headsize: 100 square inches. Strung weight: 10.4 ounces. Swingweight: 321 (RDC). Standard length

$49.00, Review, Feedback

Slazenger V100 Tour

Sale Only. With its controllable power and easy access to spin, this versatile racquet is a great option for players with medium to fast strokes. Head size: 100 square inches. Strung weight: 11.1 ounces. Swingweight: 315 (RDC). String pattern: 16x19.

$49.00, Review, Feedback

Volkl C10 Pro

An updated cosmetic complements the control, feel, and comfort of this popular player's racquet. A favorite among tournament and pro level players who like a flexible feel. 12 ounces, 98 square-inch head.

$159.00, Review, Feedback

Volkl Organix 4

(1/4) Only. This intermediate players racquet offers a fantastic blend of power, control, comfort and spin. Utilizing the Organix technology, this racquet promises to be even more powerful than its predecessor. Length: 27.6 inches. Head size: 105 sq in.

$119.99, Feedback

Volkl Organix 6

Sale The Organix 6 provides ease of swing power with excellent comfort and feel. Head size: 100 square inches. String Pattern: 16/18. Strung Weight: 10.2 ounces.

$99.99, Feedback

Volkl Organix 8 (300g)

Sale The Organix 8 offers plenty of versatility and effectiveness from all areas of the court. Head size: 100 square inches. Standard Length. Strung Weight: 11.4 ounces.

$99.99, Feedback

Volkl Organix 8 (315g)

Sale (1/8), (3/8) Only. A solid feeling racquet that offers the best of both power and control. Updated with Organix technology for more comfort. A solid choice for the intermediate to advanced player. Head size: 100 square inches. Standard Length.

$99.99, Review, Feedback

Volkl Organix 9

Sale Solid, fast, and comfortable, this one has great control on every shot. Ideal for intermediate to advanced players who want a high performance racquet right out of the box. Head Size: 98 sq. in. Strung weight: 11.4 oz.

$99.99, Review, Feedback
Buy 2 or more for $79.99 each.

Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 85

Best Seller (3/8), (1/2) Only. The legend returns, exclusively at Tennis Warehouse! A classic player's racquet that was formerly used on tour by Pete Sampras, Roger Federer, Stefan Edberg and many more, this is Wilson's most venerable player's racquet. Strung weight: 12.5oz. Balance: 10 pts head light.

$119.00, Review, Feedback

Wilson US Open 25" Junior

The ideal racquet for the junior players 9-10 with its small grip size and 25" length. Comes prestrung without a cover.


Yonex EZONE Xi 100

The Yonex E-Zone Xi 100 is offering more power, reduced frame vibration and a bigger sweetspot, according to Yonex. This versatile racquet is a great option for many levels of players. Standard length. String pattern: 16x18.

$189.00, Review, Feedback


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