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Tecnifibre TFight 315 Ltd. TP ATP 18 Main

This maneuverable racquet offers an impressive combination of control, spin and feel. Great for the intermediate or advanced player looking for a lighter player's racquet. String Pattern: 18x20. Swingweight: 309 (RDC). Headsize: 98 in².

$179.00, Review, Feedback

Tecnifibre TFight 315 Ltd. TP ATP 16 Main

A fast and spin friendly stick loaded with equal parts power and precision. Perfect for the attacking all-court player or doubles specialist. Headsize: 98 in². Balance: 7pts Head light. Strung weight: 11.6 oz.

$179.00, Review, Feedback

Tecnifibre TFight 325 TP ATP

Sale Updated with a new look for 2013, this racquet offers a great mix of precision, spin, control and feel. A player's racquet with impressive maneuverability and maximum directional control. Headsize: 95 in². Strung weight: 12.1 oz. String pattern: 18x19.

$139.00, Feedback

Tecnifibre TFight 320 TP ATP

Sale With a new look for 2013, the specs remain the same, offering the same great access to pace and spin without any loss of precision. Headsize: 95 in². Strung weight: 11.8 oz.

$139.00, Feedback

Tecnifibre TFight 305 TP ATP

Sale With a new look for 2013, the 305 TP offers the control usually reserved for heavier player's racquets in a weight and balance that makes it attractive for all. Strung weight: 11.3 oz. Standard length. Headsize: 95 in².

$129.00, Feedback

Tecnifibre TFight 295 TP ATP

Sale With a new cosmetic for 2013, this spin friendly racquet has a nice blend of maneuverability and stability. Updated with "Tour Prepared Technology" for even more speed and power. Headsize: 95 in². Standard length. String pattern: 16x19.

$129.00, Feedback

Tecnifibre TFight 295 MP

Sale This versatile stick swings fast and is the perfect weapon for aggressive tennis or consistent grinding. A great option for intermediates or advanced players looking for controllable power and big spin. Headsize: 100 in². Standard length. String pattern: 16x20.

$129.00, Feedback

Tecnifibre TFight 255

Sale Easy to swing, this one offers controllable power and great spin. Perfect for intermediates who want exceptional performance without too much weight. Headsize: 100 in². String Pattern: 16x19. Strung weight: 9.9 oz.

$109.00, Feedback

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