Featured String

Dunlop Silk 16 String
Price: $14.95
Buy 2 or more for $7.47 each.
Offering a silky smooth feel, this premium multifilament provides excellent playability while being arm-friendly.
Color: Available: Order:
Black 10 Days
Natural 10+
Gamma Live Wire Professional 17 String
Price: $19.95
Thinner, more spin friendly version of Gamma Professional 16. Same great "natural gut-like feel.
Available: 20+
Pacific PMX Synthetic 17 String
Price: $17.95
The multi-core with wraps provides a soft feel with good power and control.
Available: 3
Prince Premier Power 16 String
Sale: $14.00
Buy 4 or more for $10.50 each.
Incredible comfort, impressive power and loads of dwell time. This classic multifilament is one of the best in its class.
Available: 9
Prince Premier Touch 16 String
Price: $18.00
Buy 2 or more for $16.20 each.
One of the most comfortable strings available, Premier Touch is great for the player in need of maximum comfort and vibration dampening.
Available: 11
Tecnifibre NRG2 16 String
Price: $16.95
Buy 4 or more for $12.71 each.
Best Seller
Probably the most comfortable and responsive 16 gauge string available.
Available: 20+
Weiss CANNON Explosiv 16 (1.30) String
Price: $13.50
WeissCannon now offers a premium arm-friendly multifilamanet string that offers plenty of pop and excellent tension maintenance.
Available: 10
Wilson NXT 16 String Natural
Price: $18.95
Buy 5 or more for $15.16 each.
Best Seller
One the best playing synthetic strings on the market. Multifilament construction that looks, feels, and plays very much like Natural Gut.
Available: 20+
Wilson Optimus 16 String
Price: $12.95
Buy 5 or more for $10.36 each.
This very comfortable multifilament offers plenty of power and exceptional touch. Features an internal co-polymer membrane for a slightly crisper feel. Though plush and lively, this one possesses decent control for the breed.
Color: Available: Order:
Blue Yes
Red Yes
Silver 20+
White 20+