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E-Force Invasion X 170 Racquet

$239.95, Feedback

Ektelon EXO3 RG Toron Lite 160 Racquet

Best Seller

$199.99, Review, Feedback

Head Meanstreak 175 Racquet

Best Seller

$99.95, Feedback

Head Metallix 170 Racquet

Best Seller

The Head Metallix 170 is a force to be reckoned with. Designed for the player with a fast and powerful swing, this racquet is maneuverable and consistent.

$89.99, Feedback

Head Intelligence i.165 Racquet

Best Seller Sudsy’s 01’-02’ Stick! If you are looking for lots of power at a great price, the Head i.165 should be at the top of your list! Head Size: 103sq in.

$64.95, Feedback


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