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Purple Tennis String
Gamma Synthetic Gut 16 Purple - $3.50

Exceptional all around performance and playability for the cost. One of the most popular 16 gauge strings ever.
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Gosen ILD 16 String - $13.50

An extremely playable poly with impressive control, spin and durability. Great for big hitters and advanced players looking for a more arm-friendly control string.
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One Strings Carbon Tour 17 (1.25) String Purple - $11.50

Big hitters looking to keep more balls in play should love this string's control. Very crisp and loaded with spin potential.
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Prince Synthetic Gut 16 Duraflex Purple - $4.75

The #1 selling string in the world. Something for everyone: good playability, good durability, good price, available in several colors and reels.
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Weiss CANNON 6 Star Supercharged 16 (1.30) Purple - $11.90

String is composed of twisted monofilament and multifilament fibers and offers good comfort and power. Available in two colors.
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Weiss CANNON 6 Star Supercharged 16 (1.30) String Reel - $149.90

Great for frequent stringers and hybrid string setups, 6 Star Supercharged comes in this 656 foot reel. String is a blend of multifilaments and monofilaments.
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