Purple Tennis String

Prince Synthetic Gut 16 Duraflex Purple
Sale: $4.75

As one of the best value strings of all time, this synthetic gut delivers outstanding all-around playability. Made with Duraflex for extra durability. Offers slightly more durability and control than the 17g version.

Available: 20+
Weiss CANNON 6 Star Supercharged 16 (1.30) Purple
Price: $11.90
String is composed of twisted monofilament and multifilament fibers and offers good comfort and power. Available in two colors.
Available: 3
Weiss CANNON 6 Star Supercharged 16 (1.30) String Reel
Price: $149.90
Great for frequent stringers and hybrid string setups, 6 Star Supercharged comes in this 656 foot reel. String is a blend of multifilaments and monofilaments.
Available: 1