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EXO3 racquets utilize large grommet holes and string supsension inserts to deliver a more comfortable, powerful and consistent feeling string bed.

Prince Hornet ES 100

New A very user-friendly blend of spin and controllable power with a comfortably crisp response. Headsize: String Pattern: 16x19. Standard Length.

Buy 2 or more for $89.00 each.

Prince Hornet ES 110

New Beginners and intermediates looking for a light, spin friendly racquet with an extremely comfortable response and plenty of free power should love this one. Updates the very popular EXO3 Hornet Oversize. String Pattern: 16x19. Strung Weight: 10oz. Standard Length.

Buy 2 or more for $89.00 each.

Prince EXO3 Rebel 98

(1/2) Only. The faster, more spin-friendly Rebel, this one is a great option for a big serving, heavy hitting baseline game. Ample control and feel from the flexible frame also makes this one shine at net. Strung weight: 11.2oz. Stiffness: 58 RA. Swingweight: 325 RDC.

$85.00, Review, Feedback

Prince EXO3 Warrior 100

Sale A comfortable racquet with all the control and spin needed for today's modern, aggressive player. Best suited to intermediate through advanced level players. Headsize: Strung weight: 11oz. Balance: 4pts head light. Flex: 64 RA.

$79.99, Review, Feedback

Prince EXO3 Rebel 95

Sale (1/4), (3/8) Only. A lighter and faster update to the Rebel, this one rewards with easier access to spin and pace. The same control-oriented response shines through from all areas of the court. Strung weight: 12oz. Swingweight: 331.

$85.00, Review, Feedback

Prince EXO3 Tour Lite 100

Sale (1/8) Only. This racquet is extremely manageable while offering muted power for the player looking for spin and control. Headsize: 100 square inches. Standard length. String Pattern: 16/19.

$85.00, Feedback

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