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O3 Technology

O-Ports provide total string freedom
  • Increases sweetspot size by 54%
  • Generates a livelier response across the entire stringbed
  • Dramatically improves play for all player levels
O-Ports reduce drag, producing faster swing speeds
  • Increases power from anywhere on the court
  • Provides maximum maneuverability
Prince O3 Technology

Prince O3 Blue LS Racquets

Prince O3 Pink LS Racquets

Prince O3 Red LS Racquets

Prince O3 Silver LS Racquets

Prince O3 White LS Racquets

Prince O3 Hybrid Shark Oversize Racquets
Was $149.99
Now $59.99
You Save 90.00!

Prince O3 Hybrid Hornet Oversize Racquets
Was $89.99
Now $59.99
You Save 30.00!

Prince O3 Original Red Racquets STRUNG
Was $120.00
Now $69.00
You Save 51.00!