New Dunlop Racquets

Dunlop Force 98 Racquet
Dunlop Force 98
Sale: $129.99
Sale This is a great option for intermediate and advanced players looking to whip up some pace and spin. The Force 98 is fast, lively and accurate. Headsize: 98inČ. String Pattern: 16x19. Strung Weight: 11.1 ounces.
Dunlop BioFibre M2.1 Racquet
Dunlop BioFibre M2.1
Sale: $99.99
Sale With its compact head and very precise response, the M2.1 is ideal for the player who wants the control and feel of a player’s racquet without the burden of weight. Headsize: 95inČ. String Pattern: 16x19. Standard Length.
Dunlop BioFibre F3.1 Tour Racquets
Dunlop BioFibre F3.1 Tour
Sale: $99.99
Sale Offering classic control with a fast, crisp and modern feel, this is a great option for intermediate and advanced players. Headsize: 98inČ. String Pattern: 18x20. Standard Length.
Dunlop BioFibre M3.1 Racquet
Dunlop BioFibre M3.1
Sale: $99.99
Sale This lightning fast weapon should work very well for intermediate level players looking for controllable power and easy access to spin. Headsize: 98inČ. String Pattern:16x19. Standard Length.
Dunlop BioFibre S8.1 Lite Racquet
Dunlop BioFibre S8.1 Lite
Sale: $99.99
Sale Offering an impressive combination of power, stability and comfort, this update to the Biomimetic S 8.0 Lite is ideal for beginner and intermediate level players. Headsize: 115inČ. Length: 27.5. String Pattern: 16x19.
Dunlop Force 100 Tour Racquet
Dunlop Force 100 Tour
Sale: $129.99
Sale This racquet delivers an impressive combination of power and spin to intermediate and advanced ball strikers. The comfortably firm feel is a nice bonus. Headsize: 100inČ. String Pattern:16x19. Standard Length.
Dunlop Force 100 Racquet
Dunlop Force 100
Sale: $129.99
Sale Ideal for intermediate and advanced players, the Force 100 is crisp and fast. Offers impressive spin and pop, with a very accurate response on full swings. Headsize: 100inČ. String Pattern: 16x19. Standard Length
Dunlop Force 105 Racquet
Dunlop Force 105
Sale: $129.99
Sale Packed with power, this user-friendly midplus racquet does not skimp on spin or comfort. Offers impressive stability for a sub 11 ounce racquet. Head size:105inČ. String Pattern:16x19. Length: 27.25"
Dunlop Force 98 Tour Racquet
Dunlop Force 98 Tour
Sale: $129.99
Sale Weighing slightly more than the standard Force 98, the Tour still manages to feel fast and explosive. A solid choice for intermediate and advanced players looking for speed, power, precision and spin. Headsize: 98inČ. Strung Weight: 11.5 ounces. String Pattern: 16x19