D3O changes its behavior under dynamic loading/impact. It exhibits two different mechanical states (stiff or soft) under different impact rates or forces. On powerful, aggressive shots, the smart molecules lock together within nano seconds to dramatically increase its stiffness for maximum power. In its relaxed state, it absorbs impact to provide softer touch and better feel.

Corrugated Technology

HEAD's Corrugated Technology is a revolutionary new throat design that optimizes power. Corrugated rails are incorporated into the throat of the racquet creating up to 12% more stiffness than conventional racquet design resulting in explosive power on every shot.

Inner Grommet System 2

The next generation of Head's revolutionary Inner Grommet System technology. Each tube is now lined with Teflon, a friction reducing polymer allowing the strings to slide through the IGS tubes with nearly no friction. This results in maximum energy transfer, which increases power on every shot.

Power Channels

Molded tubes in the throat eliminate exterior string holes and the traditional grommet system. This lengthens each main string and creates maximum stiffness, which results in an incredible increase in raw power.