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Head Racquet Sports builds power and style into every racquet. Their YouTek technology umbrella provides everything needed to play at your best. Now, Head has added their innovative Innegra technology to the YouTek club to give their frames better feel and more stability without adding weight. The CT2 technology is still ever-present. With the corrugations running 360 degrees around the throat of the frames, stiffness is increased, which gives them a real sting. the latest from Head, the Head Zeus provides lightweight maneuverability with exceptional power.

Head Great White 167 Racquet

$129.99, Review, Feedback
Buy 2 or more for $109.99 each.

Head Zeus 165 Racquet

$229.95, Review, Feedback

Head Ares 175 Racquet

$229.95, Review, Feedback

Head Black Widow 160 Racquet

$189.95, Feedback

Head Scorpion 170 Racquet

$189.95, Feedback

Head Cobra 180 Racquet

$169.95, Review, Feedback

Head Submission 165 Racquet

$149.95, Feedback

Head Royal Flush 170 Racquet

$119.95, Feedback

Head Problem Child 165 Racquet

$109.95, Feedback

Head Meanstreak 175 Racquet

Best Seller

$99.95, Feedback

Head Metallix 170 Racquet

Best Seller

The Head Metallix 170 is a force to be reckoned with. Designed for the player with a fast and powerful swing, this racquet is maneuverable and consistent.

$89.99, Feedback

Head Intelligence i.165 Racquet

Best Seller Sudsy’s 01’-02’ Stick! If you are looking for lots of power at a great price, the Head i.165 should be at the top of your list! Head Size: 103sq in.

$64.95, Feedback

Head Liquidmetal Hurricane 190 Racquet


Head 2013 Liquidmetal Blast Racquet


Head Liquidmetal Blast Racquet


Head 2013 CPS Demon Racquet



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