HEAD Flexpoint

Flexpoint racquets feature two precisely-engineered control holes in the racquet's head. This creates a new point of flex, which cups the ball and improves control without losing power. The patented HEAD Flexpoint technology breaks the rules of traditional racquet design by not making racquets stiffer, but by engineering them to flex in a new and revolutionary way.

With a conventional racquet, the ball strikes the racquet at 90 degrees, but due to the racquet flexing it leaves the racquet at a different angle. A Flexpoint racquet is designed to cup the ball by flexing at the Flexpoints. The cupping effect reduces the angle at which the ball leaves the strings and promotes more accurate hitting. Flexpoint technology increases the dwell time and ball pocketing due to its cupping effect which increases feel and provides a larger sweetspot.

Flexpoints are made up of two complimentary features and are located at the 3 and 9 o'clock positions on the racquet head. Each Flexpoint features an engineered dimple to create flexibility by reducing the beam width by a maximum of 25%. Each Flexpoint also features a hole in the center of the dimple which reduces sectional stiffness by 50%.