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Ektelon has been in the game for decades and since day one they have been known as a pioneer of innovative racquet technology. This year they have introduced ESP Technology (Extreme String Pattern) which offers maximum power from an open string pattern or maximum control from a dense string pattern. New for 2013-14 is the ESP RG Toron 170 and the ESP Classic 175, two racquets with opposite attractions.

Ektelon ESP RG Toron 170 Racquet

$229.99, Feedback

Ektelon ESP Classic 175 Racquet

$199.99, Feedback

Ektelon EXO3 RG Toron Lite 160 Racquet

Best Seller

$199.99, Review, Feedback

Ektelon EXO3 Attack Lite 165 Racquet

$179.99, Feedback

Ektelon EXO3 Attack 175 Racquet


Ektelon EXO3 Re Ignite 180 Racquet

$179.99, Feedback

Ektelon O3 Speedport Red 170 Racquet

$139.99, Feedback

Ektelon O3 White 170 Racquet

$129.99, Feedback

Ektelon O3 RG 165 Racquet

$89.99, Feedback

Ektelon O3 Red 170 Racquet

Radical New design which uses "O ports" to increase power of an already powerful design. Building on DPR technology, more Power Rings have been added to the throat decreasing vibration and giving a much better overall feel. Unstrung Weight: 170g Head Size 106 sq. in.

$99.99, Feedback

Ektelon DPR Magnum Lite 170 Racquet

$79.99, Feedback

Ektelon O3 Tour Lite 175 Racquet

$95.00, Feedback

Ektelon O3 Blue II 180 Racquet

$79.99, Feedback
Buy 2 or more for $65.00 each.

Ektelon Air Response Racquet

$59.99, Feedback

Ektelon Air O Blaze Racquet


Ektelon Air O Graphite Ti SS (3 5/8)

$29.00, Feedback

Ektelon Power Pack (rac-balls-eyewear)

This is a great package deal for anyone just entering the sport. It includes a nice cover, racquet, balls, and eyeguards!


Ektelon Powerfan Cobra SS (3 5/8)



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