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Donnay X-P Dual Lite White 102

(3/8) Only. Great access to spin, superb maneuverability and impressive comfort makes this one a solid choice for a variety of playing styles at the intermediate through advanced levels. Standard length. Strung weight: 10.4oz. Stiffness: 57 RA. String pattern: 16x19.

$79.00, Feedback

Donnay X-Dual Core Gold 94

Offering the rare combination of maneuverability, stability and a crisp feel, this is an extremely versatile racquet for advanced level players. Strung weight: 11.5oz. String pattern: 16x19. Standard length.

$119.00, Review, Feedback

Donnay X-Dual Gold 99

Offering some additional power but a similar spec to the X-Red 99, this one is perfect for the intermediate through advanced players looking to add both pace and precision to their game. Standard length. String pattern: 16x19. Strung weight: 11.5oz.

$119.00, Review, Feedback

Donnay X-Dual Platinum 94

(1/8) Only. Stability, control and impressive power combine in this racquet for advanced level players. Excellent plow through makes this a great choice for attacking from any area of the court. Standard length, 18x20 string pattern, 11.9oz strung weight.

$119.00, Feedback

Donnay X-P Dual Black 102

Power, spin, comfort and feel shine from all areas of the court with this racquet. This is a great option for intermediate through advanced level players seeking a forgiving and comfortable response. Strung weight: 10.9oz. Standard length. String pattern: 16x19.

$119.00, Feedback

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