Babolat Play

Babolat PLAY Pure Aero Racquets
Babolat PLAY Pure Aero
Price: $349.00
Best Seller Babolat adds PLAY technology to the Pure Aero, one of the game's great modern player's racquets. In addition to this racquet's impressive combination of spin, power and precision, it allows players to electronically track and evaluate key aspects of every hitting session. Headsize: 100inē. String Pattern: 16x19. Standard Length.
Babolat PLAY Pure Drive Racquets
Babolat PLAY Pure Drive
Price: $299.00
Babolat updates the PLAY Pure Drive with a new cosmetic. This stick not only comes with a phenomenal combination of power, spin and precision, but it also allows you to analyze your game like never before! Headsize: 100in². String Pattern: 16x19. Standard Length.