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Ashaway String Special
Ashaway Dynamite 18 Soft Blue String - $13.25

This thin string offers a soft feel when strung at lower tensions. The Zyex multifilament core offers good tension maintenance. This 18 gauge version offers good touch and control.
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Available - 20+    Order
Ashaway Dynamite 17 Natural String Optic Green - $13.25

The Zyex multifilament core offers good tension maintenance, while the braided exterior grips the ball for nice pocketing. This 17 gauge version offers good comfort and power.
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Available - 17    Order
Ashaway Dynamite 16 Tough String - $13.25

Dynamite 16 Tough offers a nice blend of power and spin with a clean feel from the stringbed. 16 gauge offers better durability.
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Available - 10+    Order
Ashaway Crossfire+ Plus Hybrid String - $11.00

This hybrid string combination is recommended for power players who hit with heavy topspin. This pre-packaged hybrid comes with a half-set of kevlar and a half-set of synthetic gut.
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Available - 10    Order
Ashaway Crossfire ZX Tour 16L String - $11.00

An arm-friendly hybrid that combines Ashaway's spin friendly co-poly with their soft and juicy MonoGut ZX.
Available - 18    Order
Ashaway Crossfire ZX 17 String - $11.00

Ashaway pairs their classic braided Kevlar with their MonoGut ZX Pro. The result is a very unique hybrid that delivers huge spin potential and phenomenal precision. Comfort is quite high for a Kevlar hybrid.
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Ashaway Crossfire II 16 Kevlar String - $11.00

Popular durabilty hybrid. Textured outer wrap on kevlar mains provide increased spin and feel. Synthetic gut crosses.
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Available - 20+    Order
Ashaway Crossfire 18 Kevlar String - $11.00

Ultra-thin kevlar hybrid for players seeking a firm, durable string that provides optimum spin potential.
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Available - 6    Order
Ashaway Crossfire 17 Kevlar String - $11.00

Thinner kevlar mains improve spin potential without sacrificing much durability. Features Ashaway's braided outer jacket for extra bite and synthetic gut crosses.
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Available - 20+    Order