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Volkl Super G 10 (295g)

New Mobility, control and comfort! Perfect for the player who wants the precision of a player's racquet without the heavy weight. Headsize: String Pattern: 16x19. Strung Weight: 11oz. This racquet is available for pre-sale. Due in stock 8/19/14.


Volkl Super G 5

New Updated with a more comfortable and powerful feel, this lightweight racquet has an impressive combination of speed and precision. Headsize: Standard Length. String Pattern: 16x18. This racquet is available for pre-sale. Due in stock 8/19/14.


Volkl Classic V1 USA

New In celebration of the American Flag, this limited edition V1 Classic is decked out in red, white & blue. Players looking for an infectious blend of comfort, precision, speed and power should look no further. Headsize: 102 sq in. Strung weight: 10.8 oz.


Volkl Super G 8 (315g)

New This comfortably crisp spin machine has a lot of pop. Volkl updates the grommets and handle to add a softer, more lively response. String Pattern: 16x18. Strung Weight: 11.5oz. Standard Length.

$179.99, Review, Feedback

Volkl Super G 8 (300g)

New A very versatile racquet that works just as well for the aggressive topspin player as it does for the consistent grinder. A great option for 4.0+ players looking for a great combination of precision, spin, and pop. Headsize: 100 Strung Weight: 11oz. Standard Length.

$179.99, Review, Feedback

Volkl Super G 6

New A very comfortable racquet with plenty of spin potential and enough pop to keep the ball deep. Great for a wide range of ability levels, 3.5 and up. String Pattern: 16x18. Strung Weight: 10.1oz. Standard Length.

$179.99, Feedback

Volkl Organix V1 Pro

Offering all the playability and comfort of the V1 Classic, but with even more control, the V1 Pro is a great option for players who want exceptional precision on their biggest swings. Also delivers impressive comfort and spin. Headsize: 99.5 String Pattern: 16x19. Strung weight: 11.3 ounces.

$189.99, Review, Feedback

Volkl Classic V1

Sale This classic comes with an updated cosmetic while retaining all the features that have made it a perennial favorite: outstanding feel, maneuverability and comfort. Headsize: 102 sq in. Strung weight: 10.8 oz.

$99.99, Feedback

Volkl Organix 7 (295g)

Offering controllable power and loads of spin potential, this one is perfect for intermediates and advanced players looking for a speedy racquet that performs equally well from the baseline and net. Headsize: 104 square inches. Standard length. Strung weight: 10.9 ounces.

$189.99, Review, Feedback

Volkl Organix 10 (295g)

Sale Fast, mobile and spin-friendly, this racquet also impresses with surprising stability and a high level of comfort. A great option for 4.0 level players and up. Headsize: 98sq, in. Strung Weight: 11oz. String Pattern: 16x19.

$149.99, Review, Feedback
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