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Babolat Skin Feel Grip White - $7.95

This Babolat grip focuses on feeling connected with the racquet with its ultra thin 1.55mm thickness. Grip has a tacky feel.

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Babolat Syntec Feel Replacement Grips White - $7.95

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Babolat Syntec Pro Replacement Grips White - $6.95

Babolat's flagship replacement grip is now 10% thinner for better ball feel. It features excellent absorption and durability.

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Babolat VS Original French Open Grips White - $6.95

A special edition of Babolat's thinnest overgrip (0.44mm) that pays tribute to the French Open. It offers a smooth, comfortable feel.

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Dunlop Gecko-Tac Replacement Grip White - $6.99

This ultra tacky grip offers superior grip without being sticky. One per pack.

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Dunlop Osmo-Dry Replacement Grip White - $4.99

The Osmo-Dry Replacement Grip offers maximum absorption and a comfortable feel.

Available - 6+    Order
Gamma RZR Tac Replacement Grip White - $5.49

The Gamma RZR Tac offers a smooth, tacky feel for enhanced control and performance.

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Gosen OG 110 Overgrip White - $3.99

Keep your grip on the racquet with this ultra tacky overgrip.

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Gamma Hi Tech Grip White - $4.95

Tacky, firm, extra durable replacement grip.

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Head HydroSorb Comfort Replacement Grip White - $7.99

This thicker replacement grip (2.1mm) combines comfort and tackiness to provide a soft feel with extra grip.

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Head HydroSorb Pro Replacement Grip White - $7.99

This thin replacement grip combines a tacky surface with very impressive sweat absorption.

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Available - 9    Order
Head HydroSorb Tour Replacement Grip White - $4.95

A cushioned and ventilated replacement grip designed to offer maximum shock absorption and moisture reduction.

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Pacific Master's Classic Grip White - $5.95

Using the PU-X Tacky System for improved tack, this smooth surfaced replacement grip will keep the racquet in hand.

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Pacific Supreme Replacement Grips White - $5.95

A soft, perforated grip that uses Pacific's PU-X Tacky System for improved tack, this grip is optimal for comfort and feel.

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Pacific X Duo Comfort Replacement Grip White - $5.95

The Pacific X Duo Comfort has extra tack, softness and coolness to make gripping easier. Focused on comfort, it has vibration dampening qualities, PU and foam for maximum feel as well as perforations for extra sweat absorption.

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Prince Dura Pro+ Replacement Grip White - $5.00

An ideal combination of tack, absorption and feel.

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Available - 12+    Order
Prince ResiPro Replacement Grip White - $6.50

Offers a dry, textured feel with a low tack finish.

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Available - 4    Order
Prince ResiSoft Replacement Grip White - $6.50

Offers a smooth feel with comfort and good tack.

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Wilson Sublime Replacement Grips White - $7.95

The Wilson Sublime grip offers a nice balance; not too tacky, not too dry. Available in black or white.

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Tecnifibre TFlash 300 ATP (1/4) Used - $119.00

A speedy and precise weapon for the player who likes to crank up the power and spin! Crisp, lively and accurate. Headsize: String Pattern: 16x19. Strung Weight: 11.2oz. Standard Length.

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