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Tecnifibre TRebound 295 Pro

$169.00, Review

Wilson Blade 104


Babolat Pure Drive 2012

Best Seller

  • Add power to your game
  • Easily use spin
  • Easy to use for all skill levels

$159.00, Review, Feedback

Babolat AeroPro Drive

Best Seller

  • Our most popular racquet
  • Perfect blend of power and spin
  • Easy to use for all skill levels

$199.00, Review, Feedback

Babolat PLAY Pure Drive

Sale Records hitting data
Great all-around racquet

$299.00, Review, Feedback

Wilson Juice 100S

Hit more spin than ever
Very powerful

$199.00, Review, Feedback

Wilson Juice 100

Very powerful
Easy to swing
Easy to use

$189.00, Review, Feedback

Wilson Steam 99S

Best Seller

  • Spin! Spin! Spin!
  • Controllable power
  • For intermediate and stronger players
  • $159.00, Review, Feedback

Head Graphene Instinct MP

Best Seller

  • Maria Sharapova's racquet of choice
  • For intermediate to advanced players
  • Excellent spin

$99.95, Review, Feedback

Head Graphene Radical Midplus


  • Update to longtime favorite
  • Easy to hit with spin
  • More power than older versions

    $169.95, Review, Feedback

Head Graphene Speed Rev


  • Light
  • Powerful with less effort
  • Super easy to swing

    $99.95, Feedback

Prince Warrior 100 ESP Racquets

  • Tons of spin
  • Blend of power and control
  • Easy to use

    $199.00, Review, Feedback

Prince Premier 105 ESP Racquets

  • Super comfortable
  • Lots of power awaits!
  • Easy to hit with spin

    $219.00, Feedback

Dunlop Biomimetic M5.0


  • Easy to hit with spin
  • Good control
  • Great for intermediate players

    $89.00, Review, Feedback

Dunlop Biomimetic S3.0 Lite


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to swing
  • Excellent control

$99.00, Review, Feedback

Yonex VCORE Xi 100

  • Expanded sweetspot
  • Comfortable, stable feel
  • Play with power and spin

$189.00, Review, Feedback

Volkl Organix V1 Pro

Best Seller

  • Very comfortable
  • Lots of control
  • All-around performer

    $189.99, Review, Feedback

Donnay Formula Lite 100


  • Comfortable
  • Good control
  • For novice to intermediate players

    $168.00, Feedback

PowerAngle GRAND

  • Large Sweetspot
  • Arm Friendly
  • Controllable Power


PowerAngle CENTRIC


$179.00, Feedback