Wimbledon - Williams vs Davenport 2005 DVD

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Venus Williams captured her third Wimbledon title in the space of six years in a final of high drama and record length when she outlasted Lindsey Davenport 4-6, 7-6 (7-4), 9-7. After Davenport got off to a strong start, Williams started to find her form and the match quickly turned into a thriller. An exciting second set put Williams firmly back in contention and set the stage for an exciting conclusion. The third set saw a battle of nerves and stamina with Williams proving to be the tougher competitor on the day. Great tennis from both players made the 2005 final an instant classic and a great addition to any tennis DVD library.
  • Running Time: 192 minutes.
  • DVD formatted for region 1 (NTSC)

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