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Wilson Spin Duo combines the spin and precision of Ripspin (a co-poly) with the feel, comfort and pop of Synthetic Gut Power (a solid core syn gut with power wraps). This is a great option for the player who wants the undeniable control benefits of polyester without having to sacrifice comfort or feel. It's also a nice option for those who want to transition from a full bed of sythetic gut or multifilament to a setup with more control, spin and durability.

  • Gauge: Ripspin 16 - 1.30mm/ Synthetic Gut Power 15 - 1.40mm
  • Length: Ripspin - 20 feet/ Synthetic Gut Power - 20 Feet
  • Composition: Ripspin - Co-poly/ Synthetic Gut Power - Solid core nylon with power wraps
  • Color: Ripspin - White/ Synthetic Gut Power - White

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