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This hybrid string features Luxilon Savage and Wison NXT Control. The Savage is a six-sided polyester string that offers low powered control with great access to spin. It is a great string for players that like to cut the ball, because it keeps the ball inside the lines with control and spin. It has Wilson's Liquid Crystaline Polymer to add an enhanced feel. The Wilson NXT Control offers excellent playability with an arm friendly feel. This "Internal Hybrid" combines polyester and nylon fiber bundles and polyurethane for the ultimate in feel and performance. The polyester helps add control while the Xycromicro fibers provide added comfort and feel. A must try for players seeking arm friendly performance. Together, this hybrid provides incredible control and spin, with great durability.
  • Gauge: Luxilon Savage: 16L / 1.27mm, Wilson NXT Control: 16 / 1.30mm
  • Length: Luxilon Savage measures: 22.9 feet / 7m, NXT Control measures: 21 feet / 6.5m
  • Construction: Luxilon Savage: Liquid Crystalline Polymer, NXT Control: Multifilament Xycro Micro fibers with polyester and nylon fibers
  • Color: Black / Natural

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