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Celebrate Wilson's 100 Year anniversary with this limited edition racquet set. The 100 Year Juice 100 S features a mix of black and gold chrome for powerful and innovative style. The bag matches with its sleek black and gold cosmetics and features removable protective foam casing to protect the racquet.

Racquet Details: Boasting a Spin Effect string pattern (16x15), this stick rips into the felt and allows the player to load the ball with near unbelievable levels of spin. Thanks to its wide Dual Taper Beam and very lively stringbed, the Juice 100S packs some serious power. The open string pattern and Parallel Drilling technology help enlarge the sweetspot, while the Amplifeel 360 handle system combats some of the harsher impact vibrations.

Set includes:

Juice 100 S

Bag with removable protective foam

Ripspin 16 String

Advantage Overgrip 3 Pack

100 Years Vibration Dampener

Certificate of Authenticity