Volkl Co-Poly 16 Trial Pack String (4-Pack)

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The Volkl Co-poly Trial Pro Pack contains four incredible Volkl co-polys. All of these strings are durable and provide exceptional precision and spin to big hitters. Volkl Cyclone is one of the most playable and complete co-polys available. It has a gear shape with sharp edges for added bite. This one offers a comfortably crisp feel and just enough pop to finsh points. Volkl V-Torque has three longitudinal grooves that form sharp edges for gripping the ball. It offers a very precise response along with above average comfort for a firm monofilament. Volkl Cyclone Tour features a twisted gear shape for extra spin. We think this is the softest and most powerful of the bunch. Great for players who want a livelier and more comfortable control string. Volkl V-Pro is the most low-powered of the group. This round poly provides outstanding control on full swings.

  • Gauge: Cyclone: 16 (1.30mm), V-Torque: 16 (1.28mm), Cyclone Tour: 16 (1.30mm), V-Pro: 16 (1.28mm)
  • Length: Each individual pack is 40 feet / 12.2m
  • Construction: Co-polymer Monofilament
  • Color: Cyclone: Black, V-Torque: Neon Green, Cyclone Tour: Red, V-Pro: Silver

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