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10 and Under Tennis, using the QuickStart Tennis play format, allows kids to rally and play real tennis shortly after picking up a racquet for the first time. Kids can fall in love with tennis right away - a love that can last a lifetime! 10 and Under Tennis is designed around the same concept as other youth sports that use modified gear, courts and fields that give kids confidence and enjoyment as they develop and mature. You can find local 10 and Under Tennis programming in your area by visiting It's also easy to play 10 and Under Tennis right at home in your driveway, cul-de-sac or back yard!



Red foam and red felt: ages 5-8
Ideal for children learning and playing the game, these balls are slower and lighter and are perfect for 36' courts. The foam ball is safe and a good choice for indoor and home use.
Orange: ages 9-10
This low compression ball is the same size as a yellow ball but is lighter, travels slower through the air and bounces lower - just right for play on a 60' court.
Green ball: ages 11 and up
As children become accomplished with their strokes and tactics, they can move to the full-sized court and use the green ball which is slightly lighter and slower than a yellow ball giving children more time to get to and return shots.

Specially sized equipment, just right for smaller hands

What better way to help kids get a grip on tennis than with the right sized racquet? Adult racquets are too unwieldy for young players; they are too long and heavy and the grips are too large. An appropriately sized racquet, one designed for kid-sized hands and strength, is essential.

There is a wide range of specialized equipment available, perfect for any age range. Find the right gear and equipment for your child.

Just as 10 and Under Tennis balls and racquets are scaled for fun and easy learning, court sizes meet the same objectives.

More courts are better than one

Children 8 and under will play on a court 36 feet long by 18 feet wide. It's easy for little legs to cover, and with a 2'9" net, it's easy for kids to get the ball over and start rallying right away. This configuration also makes it possible to fit four courts, or even six, in the space of one full-sized court, allowing more kids to play at one time. Nets can be purchased from a number of manufacturers for quick set-ups at home in a driveway or backyard.

As your child grows with tennis, so does the court size

9 and 10 year-olds play on a 60 feet long and 21 feet wide court for singles and a 60 feet long by 27 feet wide court for doubles.

Red: 5-8 years old

2 out of 3, 7-point tiebreaks (official USTA rule for 8 and Under competition).

Orange: 9-10 years old

2 out of 3, 4-game sets using no-ad scoring; 3rd set is a 7-point tiebreak.

Green: 11 and up

Modified scoring formats for shorter matches are recommended.