Superfeet Premium Insoles Blue

Price: $44.95
Superfeet Blue Women's 4.5-6.0
In Stock: Yes
  • Insole Size: Womens 4.5-6.0
Superfeet Blue Men 5.5-7.0, Women's 6.5-8.0
In Stock: Yes
  • Insole Size: Men 5.5-7.0, Womens 6.5-8.0
Superfeet Blue Men 7.5-9 Women's 8.5-10.0
In Stock: Yes
  • Insole Size: Men 7.5-9 Wom 8.5-10
Superfeet Blue Men 9.5-11 Women's 10.5-12.0
In Stock: Yes
  • Insole Size: Men 9.5-11 Wom 10.5-12
Superfeet Blue Men's 11.5-13.0
In Stock: Yes
  • Insole Size: Mens 11.5-13.0
Superfeet Blue Men's 13.5-15
In Stock: 1
  • Insole Size: Mens 13.5-15
The Superfeet Performance Insoles are a must have for those looking for the best arch and foot support. The Encapsulating Stabilizer System (ESS) provides ideal biomechanical support, allowing your feet to perform in their optimal functioning position. The blue insoles are ideal for low to medium arched feet. Superfeet recommends you go a size up if you are on the border between two sizes.
  • Color: Blue (for low to medium arched feet)
  • Medium volume heel cup cradles the heel's fat pad for natural shock absorption, stability and support
  • Encapsulating Stabilizer System [ESS] provides optimal underfoot support
  • Our patented biomechanical shape and design supports and aligns the bones of the foot, helping to prevent heel and ankle pain, plantar fasciitis, knee stress and hip pain
  • Foundation High Density Foam resists moisture and helps reduce shock while offering advanced comfort to the entire foot
  • Agion antimicrobial treatment helps inhibit odor-causing bacteria, and the friction control top cover helps reduce blistering
  • Ideal for cleated athletic footwear and all types of casual and dress shoes

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