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Solinco Revolution 17 (1.20) String Price: $10.00

For the player who loves to take big cuts at the ball without having to worry about overhitting, the Solinco Revolution string is for you. This hexagonally shaped co-polyester offers a lethal combination of spin and precision. As with most polyester strings, we found this string to be quite durable, but it also plays a tad softer than the majority of Solinco polys. We recommend this string to be used both on its own or in a hybrid set-up. Try this thin 17g version for even bigger spin!!
  • Gauge: 17 g (1.20mm)
  • Length: 40 feet (12.2m)
  • Construction: Co-polyester
  • Color: Blue

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Solinco Revolution 17 (1.20) String
This product is also available in these variations
Solinco Revolution 16 (1.30) String - $10.00
Customer Feedback
This co-polyester string provides great bite on the ball. Offers nice control. Great for hybriding.
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Solinco Revolution 16 (1.30) String Reel - $135.00
Customer Feedback
This co-polyester string provides great bite on the ball. Offers nice control. This 656-foot reel is ideal for hybriding.
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Solinco Revolution 17 (1.20) String Reel - $135.00
Customer Feedback
A control-oriented polyester string, Revolution provides great amounts of control and spin. The 656-foot reel is ideal for string breakers and hybrid stringing.
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Solinco Revolution 18 (1.16) String - $10.00
Customer Feedback
A control oriented polyester string. Offered in a thin 18g for a lively feel.
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