Volkl Organix 7 (310g) Review

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Comfort 83
Touch/Feel 82
Serves 85
Groundstrokes 84
Returns 84
Slice 81
Topspin 84
Volleys 83
Overall 82


An extended length, some useful mass and a generous sweetspot all combined to provide a powerful and spin-friendly response from the Volkl Organix 7 (310g). From the baseline, it soon became evident that finding enough power and directional control to control the point would not be an issue with this racquet. Thanks to a healthy dose of Volkl feel there was ample control and touch when looking to mix things up. A true all-court racquet, the Organix 7 (310g) felt solid, yet fast, from deep behind the baseline all the way to a finishing volley on top of the net. The extra length added some spin and pace to both first and second serves. All in all, this addition to the Organix line impressed with its versatile blend of power, control, stability and maneuverability.

By Chris Edwards

Groundstrokes - 84

"This is a surprisingly good racquet. I'm not usually a huge fan of extended length racquets because I don't like to feel too far away from the tip of the racquet on one-handed topspin backhands. However, this one hides its length well. The length was really only noticeable in that I was finding it very easy to generate pace and spin. The racquet maneuvered like a standard length racquet, so the racquet tip never felt like it was dragging through the arc of my swing slower than I'd like. I was getting some nice spin on the ball on topspin shots. It really helped me add some height over the net on my down-the-line forehand while still letting me hit with the same pace and accuracy. The added height I was getting was a nice safety net on an aggressive shot. I found myself very willing to change the direction of play with this racquet thanks to the way I could whip it around and control both spin and direction with ease. While I gravitate toward the feel of heavier, more classic racquets, I can't ignore the benefits of swinging something lighter, faster and more powerful. Racquets like this simply take some of the effort out of play and make finding pace and spin easier."

Volleys - 83

"Volleys are where I started to groove on the classic Volkl feel that's in this racquet. I felt zoned in on my touch and placement volleys. While this racquet is not as buttery smooth feeling as my Volkl C10 Pro, you can tell they are both from the same lineage. This racquet plays crisper and has some of that modern point-and-shoot power and precision to it. I felt I could snap away high volleys with ease and even added some grunt without fear of over hitting. There was enough mass to help me dig out tough low volleys. and I enjoyed the slightly longer length when stretched wide. I used polyester-based strings for the entire test and found them to be a good complement to this racquet. With a dead string in the racquet I could drop angle and touch volleys nice and short. The powerful response of the racquet still meant I had plenty of power on tap, and the sweetspot still felt generous despite the stiff poly stringbed."

Serves - 85

"My serves benefited nicely from this racquet. This was where I felt I could put the added length to the most use. We have more than one running joke here among the TW test crew about the pace, or lack thereof, of my serve. I'm the first to admit I'm not a big server. For instance, back in college I had a 1972 VW Super Beetle that accelerated faster than my serve. Now, I'm not saying this racquet turned me into a server like Andy Roddick, but it definitely allowed me to find pace with less effort. I was getting good spin, too, and that increased my margin of error. I was able to hit my targets with all the pace I could muster and I felt confident trying to stay on the gas on second serves. As from everywhere else on court, the racquet felt comfortable and the response was good even when my timing wasn't. I could add some weight to this racquet to up the pace even more. As I've learned from testing many, many racquets, I can usually eek out a few more mph with a heavy stick."

Serve Returns - 84

"The best way I can describe how this racquet feels on returns is that it's part Babolat Pure Drive and part classic Volkl. I found the power and spin I'd usually attribute to a Pure Drive-like racquet, yet there was some added feel and control, which was a constant reminder that I was hitting with a Volkl. I was able to swing away aggressively when looking to find both depth and pace. Even on angle returns, I found myself keeping my racquet speed up as I felt very confident in finding my targets. I liked the response and feel of the racquet. The stringbed (with a poly) felt controlled and crisp, but with lots of feel and a solid amount of comfort. There was enough mass on defensive returns to drive or chip the ball deep and help keep me in the point. On my backhand side I like to slice the ball short to bring my opponents inside the court and force them to hit a tough, low-skidding ball. I found good success with that shot with this racquet, which made it a good fit for me because that is such a bread and butter shot for my game."

Overall - 82


"I liked the controlled power, easy spin, comfort, crisp feel and touch."


"Personally, I would add some weight to the handle and maybe a touch at the head, but that's just my personal preference. I liked the response of the stock weight just fine."

Compared to other racquets you have tested?

"I found a power level that was getting close to a Pure Drive-like racquet but with more feel and touch -- as I expect from a Volkl or Head racquet. The added length makes it somewhat unique in its weight and spec class. For me it would be an alternative to something like the Wilson BLX Juice Pro or the Babolat 2013 AeroPro Drive Plus, and a good option for someone seeking more pop than the Organix 9."