Volkl Cyclone Tour String Review

Volkl Cyclone Tour is a gear shaped co-poly that is twisted for added bite. Cyclone Tour is designed to offer more comfort and liveliness than the original Cyclone string, but with the same great control and spin. We had our two polyester experts play with it for a few weeks. Here's what they said:

What is your typical string setup?

Andy - "I was excited about this playtest because Volkl Cyclone is one of my favorite strings, and the Cyclone Tour is supposed to be an interesting variation. I typically use a moderately stiff poly like Cyclone, Tourna Big Hitter Black 7 or Solinco Tour Bite, somewhere between 50 and 52 lbs."

Chris - "My go-to setup is Volkl Cyclone at 52-55 lbs, depending on the racquet. It has long been one of my favorite co-polys, and I was very excited to try the new Cyclone Tour."

How did Cyclone Tour perform at your usual tension?

Chris - "Cyclone Tour felt softer and more powerful than Cyclone. I thought it offered some really nice ball pocketing and comfort. My shots were landing deeper and were really jumping through the court. Power was actually a tad high for me at my regular tension. Due to the added power my control was slightly off, and I lacked the confidence to swing big and maximize the potential of the string."

Andy - "The first thing I noticed out of the Cyclone Tour was the power! The ball jumped off the strings but could still be corralled, somewhat, by the exceptional spin I could generate. However, I didn't receive the control that I was used to, so it took me a little while to adjust. I also noticed how soft and comfortable the string is. It's very easy on the arm and provides excellent feel, enabling a smooth connection between the ball, the racquet and my arm."

Did you find that it performed better at other tensions?

Andy - "The second time I strung up the Cyclone Tour I increased the tension 3-4 lbs, and then I received the control that I was looking for out of my strings. The stringbed got stiffer, but because the string is so soft and comfortable it was not jarring on my arm at all. To see how it performed at a low tension, I put the Cyclone Tour in an old Prestige mid and strung it lower (at 50 lbs). At that tension the ball pocketing was great, and the string provided the power and comfort that was lacking in the control-oriented frame."

Chris - "I bumped the tension up 3 lbs on my second stringing and that brought the playability more in line with my preferences. I still found a good amount of comfort from Cyclone Tour, and I enjoyed improved control. I really liked the playability of the string. I thought the ball pocketing was very good, and I felt like my shots were pretty dialed in. I was able to take a good rip at most shots and get more than enough spin, control and feel to keep my shots inside the lines. I think I could gradually drop the tension as I got used to the added power, and finally get to my regular tension, which would offer a very comfortable setup."

How does the new Cyclone Tour compare to the original Cyclone?

Chris - "From the first hit I found this new version of Cyclone to offer a noticeable bump in power. It also felt quite a bit softer. I thought the spin potential was higher, but I had to bump up the tension to access it due to a slight loss of control at my regular tension. I was reducing my racquet head speed a little because the ball was flying on me, and therefore lost some spin. With more time, I'm confident I could drop down to my regular tension of 52 lbs and learn to dial in the control while enjoying some added spin and power."

Andy - "The new Cyclone Tour is much softer and more powerful than the original Cyclone. The added power is noticeable, and I had to go up in tension 3-4 lbs from where I would string Cyclone to get my desired control. It's also very soft and plush feeling compared to the original, providing that same excellent ball feel but making it a little easier on the arm. In terms of spin potential, I actually found the original Cyclone to offer more spin than the new Cyclone Tour. I felt like the twisted element of the new offering actually hurt the string's ability to grab the ball compared to the gear-shaped structure of the original."

Who would you recommend this string to, and what does it feel most similar to?

Chris - "With its easy access to spin, some nice feel from the soft response and deep ball pocketing, I think this string offers a wide appeal. Baseline players can play with the tension to get a very good blend of power, spin and control, while all-court players will enjoy the added feel and comfort at net. I think if you like the juicier co-polys, such as Dunlop's Black Widow, Gosen's Sidewinder or Tourna Big Hitter Black 7, you'll like this one at your regular tension. If you are more of a fan of firmer, lower powered co-polys, expect to bump up the tension slightly. I think this string is a good fit for players seeking some added comfort and pop from a co-poly. I also think it would make a great hybrid if you put regular Cyclone in the crosses to help dial in the power level."

Andy - "This is a pretty accessible polyester string for people just venturing into the world of polys, or poly-users looking for relief from the stiffer, tougher-on-the-arm strings. It would be great for a teenage junior player transitioning into the world of polys. I felt the Cyclone Tour was very similar to Gosen Sidewinder in that they are both soft, shaped, and twisted co-polys. However, I did feel the Cyclone Tour provided better ball feel and a better connection to the ball. Sidewinder gets a bit too soft, or mushy, and you lose the connection to the ball. Overall, I'd give the new Cyclone Tour an 8 out of 10. I loved the comfort and feel. It's soft, but not so soft that it feels like the string is losing its structure at impact."


Volkl Cyclone Tour 17 String Reel Red
Price: $139.99

Volkl Cyclone Tour 17 String Red
Price: $8.99