One Strings Spin Deeper 300g 14x19 Racquet Review


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One Strings Spin Deeper 300g 14x19 Scores
Power 87
Comfort 80
Touch/Feel 74
Serves 84
Groundstrokes 80
Returns 77
Slice 81
Topspin 92
Volleys 76
Overall 79


  • Spin, of course!
  • Easy power
  • Maneuverability


  • Tough to control on flatter shots


We couldn't wait to take these great looking white racquets with their crazy open string patterns to the courts to see how they performed. Holding to its name, easy depth and spin were the most obvious and immediate benefits that the One Strings Spin Deeper 300g offered. Our playtest team could turn defense into offense with one shot, and we were able to get the ball back deep and heavy into our opponent's court even from deep behind the baseline. We also found this racquet very easy to swing. However, we found a lack of control when going for flatter shots. Controlling topspin and slice was fine, but we had some erratic results when driving through the ball. Players who like a lot of spin and want a racquet that's easy to swing will benefit the most from the Spin Deeper 300g.

Groundstrokes - Score: 80

The Spin Deeper 300g lived up to its name from the baseline, and our playtesters found it easy to generate depth and spin. However, they also found it difficult to control their flatter, more offensive shots. "Blast off!" Tiffani exclaimed, "That's what it felt like when I was swinging the Spin Deeper 300g from the baseline. The ball just flew off the strings no matter which type of shot I was trying to hit. I really appreciated the easy power and spin when I found myself deep off the baseline. I could hit penetrating shots from five or six feet back, and that's definitely unusual for me. You would usually see me throwing up defensive shots from deep in the backcourt, but with this racquet I was finding it much easier to drive shots. On the flip side, I struggled with control when I came up to a more offensive baseline position, and I often sent the ball long. This is most likely due to my tendency to hit flatter shots. I loved the easy power and spin when I implemented more spin, I just had to remember to keep the racquet face closed."

Sharing a similar opinion was Chris, who said, "This racquet offered me a ton of depth and spin. In that regard, it very much lived up to its name. I could hit a very offensive shot with little effort. My forehands and backhands were firing deep into the court with lots of spin. It was very, very easy to hit high topspin shots with lots of pace, and not many opponents like that -- especially to their backhand side. I found this racquet to be extremely effective when I was looking to maximize spin and hit a heavy ball. However, on many occasions I found myself overhitting my approach shot after setting up the point with heavy groundstrokes. It was easy to overhit shots when I moved inside the baseline, and I also had trouble controlling the depth of my shots when hitting flatter. I was able to hit heavy slice with this racquet and found I could get some nice sidespin on the ball, too. I could hit better angles and just hit a nastier ball for my opponents to deal with when using lots of spin. The downside was that my play was erratic at times, and I struggled controlling depth."

What was most apparent to Brittany was the maneuverability. She said, "The first thing I noticed when I stepped to the baseline with this racquet was how easy it was to swing. The racquet is very maneuverable, and I was able to get a lot of racquet head speed on my groundstrokes. I am not the biggest fan of extremely open string patterns due to my game style, but the 14x19 string pattern was unique. I didn't have as much of an adjustment period as with other open string patterned racquets that I have playtested, like the Steam 105S and Prince EXO3 Warrior DB Team 100. I found a lot of power on my groundstrokes, sometimes too much power, and I was wishing for more control. I would say that the racquet stayed true to its name, and I was able to get my groundstrokes deep into the court."

Volleys - Score: 76

Once again, maneuverability and easy depth were the most notable positives of the Spin Deeper 300g at net, while precision and feel continued to be an issue for our playtest team. While she liked how easy it was to wield, Brittany just never got accustomed to volleying with this racquet. She said, "Volleys required the biggest adjustment out of all my strokes. Even though I don't have the best touch to begin with, it was hard for me to feel the ball coming off my racquet when I hit a shorter, angled volley. I had to dial back at times when I went for a put away volley because I found myself hitting the ball deep past the baseline. One thing I did enjoy was the maneuverability, and I was always able to be fully prepared for the shot coming at me."

Chris also had trouble getting used to the Spin Deeper 300g at net, and while he was able to punch volleys deep in the court, his signature finesse shots were limited. He offered, "I had a longer adjustment period when trying to get used to volleying with this racquet. When hitting flatly, the ball really jumped off the stringbed. I found myself missing long when I made an error. The problem remained throughout the test when I had to react quickly or hit at full stretch and couldn't cup under the ball to add spin and control. When I had more time to set up for my volley I found adding a little spin greatly enhanced control. Even then, I found I was having to hit with more spin to enhance the touch and feel I had on drop volleys and angles. It was harder to bleed pace from the ball by simply softening up my wrist and grip, and I missed the sublime feel of a tighter string pattern."

Tiffani appreciated the ease of use around the net, but she certainly found herself aiming for bigger targets. She said, "I have a pretty one dimensional net game to begin with, and the responsive stringbed of the Spin Deeper 300g emphasized that. I stuck to punching away volleys and found good put away pace. The only issue would be aiming too close to the lines. I found good success if I played it safer."

Serves - Score: 84

Our playtesters had the best results when serving with the Spin Deeper 300g, and they were all able to generate more pace and spin than usual. Chris didn't find precision to be as much of an issue when serving as it was on other shots, and he raved, "My favorite shot with this racquet was the serve. I was getting tons of pace and more spin than I should be hitting. I hit some huge kick serves with this racquet, and I do not have a huge kick serve. I was getting insane slice, too. My slice serve had visibly more action to it, and I was using it to pull opponents out of position or to swing the ball into their body to force a weak return. When hitting flatter serves I was getting lots and lots of pace. Again, depth was an issue at times, but I felt much more in control on serve than I did from any other area of the court."

Tiffani's serves also got a boost from this racquet's wide open string pattern. She said, "This was one of my favorite shots to hit with the Spin Deeper 300g. I have been working on my serve lately, and it was nice to see some results. To be honest, I have to credit the racquet with any improvements I've seen. I was definitely getting more hop and spin on my serve than I normally do."

Brittany was also feeling super confident when serving with this racquet. She said, "This was my hands down favorite stroke to hit. I could really go up after the ball and have it drop into the service box. I was able to hit first serves with consistency and pace. I was getting just enough spin from the open string pattern to keep the ball in. Second serves were equally enjoyable because the spin helped me hit an efficient serve and I didn't feel like I was automatically on the defensive."

Serve Returns - Score: 77

The maneuverability of the Spin Deeper 300g was appreciated on serve returns, but flatter returns by our playtest team were difficult to control. Chris figured out how to return effectively with the 300g, using lots of spins and variety to his advantage. He explained, "I returned well with this racquet. I liked how maneuverable it felt, and I had no issues getting it into position. I was able to use the pace of an incoming serve very well by adding spin for an aggressive return. Both topspin returns and slice returns were effective, and I felt like I had a ton of options on what I wanted to do with the ball when I hit with spin. When hitting a flatter return, I continued to struggle to control the depth of my shot."

Tiffani really had to alter her typical returning style, but she liked how well the racquet held up to bigger servers. She said, "Returns required the biggest adjustment from me because this is the shot I usually hit the flattest. When I wasn't using spin I found myself spraying the ball long and wide. On the upside, I didn't have much trouble with stability and found that the stringbed was responsive from just about anywhere the ball hit."

Brittany also had to change gears a bit from her usual aggressive returning style. She said, "I was wanting a little extra control when it came to returning first serves. I tend to hit a flatter return and wasn't able to dial in where I was hitting. I found myself hitting at bigger targets. On second serves, I definitely started on offense with all the power I received from the racquet, but I did have to remember to add a little extra spin to keep the ball in the court."

Overall - Score: 79


Chris - "I loved the spin and pace. My serve was stronger with this racquet. This was a great stick for hitting a big serve followed up by a big forehand."

Tiffani - "I really liked the responsive feel and easy power."

Brittany - "I liked the power and spin I received from this racquet. I loved hitting both first and second serves."


Chris - "Controlling the depth of flatter shots was an issue from all areas of the court."

Tiffani - "It's more controllable than some other spin racquets I've tested, but with my flatter game style I struggled to keep the ball in play."

Brittany - "I would have liked some more control from this racquet, as I never felt 100 percent comfortable with it."

Comparing it to other racquets they've used, our testers said:

Chris - "I would compare this one very closely to the Wilson Juice 100S and Prince Warrior 100 ESP. With all of these I found it possible to hit winners from even extremely defensive positions. I also found more spin and action on my serves. However, I struggled to control the depth of shots with both the Juice 100S and this Spin Deeper 300g. The Warrior 100 ESP was a tad down on power (and stability) compared to the other two, but the upside was better depth control."

Tiffani - "I felt like the Spin Deeper 300g is somewhere between the Babolat AeroPro Drive and the Wilson Juice 100S in terms of spin. I feel like I can hit more spin and a heavier ball with the Juice 100S, but even though I struggled with control with the Spin Deeper 300g, I struggled even more with the Wilson. The Spin Deeper 300g's power seems on par with the AeroPro Drive, but it feels more responsive because of the string pattern. The Juice 100S, to me, is more powerful than both."

Brittany - "If I go way back, this reminds me of the Prince EXO3 Warrior DB Team, or more recently, the Prince Warrior 100 ESP. They are both powerful racquets with excellent maneuverability and spin potential. I was craving a little extra control with both."

Technical Specifications

Length27.1 inches69 centimeters
Head Size100 square inches645 square centimeters
Weight11.2 ounces318 grams
Balance Point13 inches
33 centimeters
4pts Head Light
Construction23.5mm / 26mm / 23mm
String Pattern14 mains / 19 crosses

Babolat RDC Ratings

Flex Rating67Range: 0-100
Swing Weight310Range: 200-400


(Scores are determined by averaging individual play test scores)

Chris' Scores
Power 8.8 Serves 8.7
Control 7.5 Groundstrokes 8.3
Maneuverability 8.4 Returns 8
Stability 7.6 Slice 8.6
Comfort 8.5 Topspin 10
Touch/Feel 7.4 Volleys 7.7
Overall 8.3
Tiffani's Scores
Power 8.5 Serves 8.3
Control 7.3 Groundstrokes 8
Maneuverability 8.4 Returns 7.7
Stability 8 Slice 8.3
Comfort 8 Topspin 8.8
Touch/Feel 7.4 Volleys 7.7
Overall 7.8
Brittany's Scores
Power 8.8 Serves 8.2
Control 6.5 Groundstrokes 7.6
Maneuverability 8.7 Returns 7.4
Stability 7.3 Slice 7.5
Comfort 7.4 Topspin 8.7
Touch/Feel 7.3 Volleys 7.5
Overall 7.7

Playtester Profiles

Chris: 5.0 all-court player currently using the Wilson Six.One 95S. Chris uses a full-western forehand grip, has a fast swing style and hits a one-handed backhand.

Tiffani: 4.0 level baseliner with a semiwestern grip on the forehand and hits a two-handed backhand. Currently playing with the Donnay Formula 100.

Brittany: Open level player with a semi-western forehand and a two-handed backhand. She currently plays with the Yonex V-Core 100S.

Review date: April 2014. If you found this review interesting or have further questions or comments please contact us.

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