All About Hyper Carbon

Question: What is Hyper Carbon?
Answer: Hyper Carbon is the name Wilson has given to a specific type of Ultra High Modulus Graphite.
Question: What is Ultra High Modulus Graphite?
Answer: Ultra High Modulus Graphite is the stiffest (and most expensive) grade of graphite. It is lighter and stiffer than standard graphite and titanium. The Modulus (stiffness) Value of Hyper Carbon is 63. Standard Modulus Graphite, which is the most common type found in tennis racquets has a Modulus Value of 30-39. The higher the Modulus Value, the stiffer the graphite is.
Question: How is it used?
Answer: Wilson puts layers of Hyper Carbon over layers of Standard Modulus Graphite (some frames also have High Modulus Graphite). The direction the Hyper Carbon fibers are placed on the frame determines the playing characteristics of the racquet. By using multiple layers of Hyper Carbon with the fibers facing different directions Wilson can create frames with varying stiffness and feel. Wilson varies the location of the Hyper Carbon and the direction of the Hyper Carbon fibers to create racquets that appeal to different types of players.
Question: Is Hyper Carbon better than graphite?
Answer: It's not better than graphite because it is graphite. Many people think of the word "graphite" as being a specific material but it's more like the word "wood"; there's many different grades: some stiff, some flexible, some hard, some soft. Graphite also reacts to stress and force like wood; the direction of the grain relative to the force makes a big difference (a log will split when hit from some directions but not others). The Hyper Carbon grade of graphite has particular properties that allow Wilson to do certain desirable things in tennis racquets.
Question: Is Hyper Carbon better than Titanium?
Answer: Hyper Carbon is 4 times stiffer, 4 times stronger, and 65% lighter than titanium in their raw states. However, a material's benefit in racquet design depends on how and where it is used on the racquet. Titanium tends to be used more to reenforce while Hyper Carbon is used to stiffen so the better/worse comparison depends on what it's used for.
Question: Why don't other companies use Hyper Carbon?
Answer: All the other racquet companies use various grades of graphite in their racquets. The particular grade Wilson uses, which they call "Hyper Carbon", is available only to them.
Question: Do other companies use Ultra High Modulus Graphite in their racquets?
Answer: Ultra High Modulus Graphite similar to Hyper Carbon can be found in some racquets. You won't find it in most racquets because the cost of Ultra High Modulus Graphite can be up to 50 times higher than Standard Modulus Graphite.
Question: What percentage of the racquet is Hyper Carbon?
Answer: The percentage of Hyper Carbon in the Hyper Carbon racquets ranges from 15% to 20% (See table below). while this percentage may seem low, it's a lot higher than the percentage of titanium in titanium racquets (Closer to 2% than 20%).

Hyper Carbon Racquet Composition Table
Hyper Sledge Hammer 2.0 Stretch
  • 20% Hyper Carbon
  • 40% High Modulus Graphite
  • 40% Graphite
Hyper Hammer 2.3 Stretch
  • 20% Hyper Carbon
  • 40% High Modulus Graphite
  • 40% Graphite
Hyper Hammer 5.3 Stretch
  • 15% Hyper Carbon
  • 85% Graphite
Hyper Pro Staff 5.0 & Hyper Pro Staff 5.0 Stretch
  • 15% Hyper Carbon
  • 10% High Modulus Graphite
  • 75% Graphite

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