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Asics Gel Resolution 4 Women's Shoe Review

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Asics Gel Resolution 4 Women's Shoe Scores
Comfort 3.9
Ventilation 3.0
Arch Support 4.0
Foot Support/Stability 3.9
Overall Sole Durability 4.1
Toe Durability 4.0
Traction 3.8
Weight 3.2
Overall 3.9


  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Stability
  • Cosmetics


  • Shoe fits long
  • Mediocre ventilation


Our testers moved down a half-size in this shoe and we strongly recommend you do the same to find the same fit as previous Gel Resolutions (for example, if you wear a size 8, order a size 7.5 for the correct fit). We've seen the Gel Resolution evolve through the years, and with the Asics Gel Resolution 4 there's a slight update in the upper from the Gel Resolution 3. The Flexion Fit material has a slightly more supple feel out of the box this time around, but the Gel Resolution 4 still required some break-in time. After experiencing slight stiffness out of the box, the TW testers noted great cushioning and good comfort. Breathability could have seen slight improvements, but good arch support and stability around the ankle made up for any hesitations our testers may have had. Movement, from a change of direction, to general baseline adjustments, to flat out running was easy in the Gel Resolution 4. Players looking to move aggressively won't fear anything in these shoes. Despite finding the weight to be a little heavier than preferred, the new Gel Resolution was a strong favorite with our two person testing team.

Comfort - Score: 3.9

Our playtesters found an enjoyable level of comfort, with a little bit of a stiff start leading to great overall cushioning. Brittany found the Asics Gel Resolution 4 to have a several day break-in period, just as she did the previous version. She said, "The shoe was stiff at the start of the playtest and caused minor rubbing on the inside of my ankles. I did find, however, once the shoe was broken in there was a significant amount of cushioning. I noticed that the cushioning was especially plentiful in the heel and made my foot sit a little higher off the ground."

Siobhan agreed, saying, "There was a little bit of break-in, but more of a stiffness that softened after a couple of hits versus any rubbing or blisters for me. That aside, the shoe was actually pretty comfortable from the get-go. I have come to expect a lot from Asics after wearing the Gel Solution Speed, and I was impressed again with this shoe. The cushioning was great, I liked the memory foam around the collar a lot, and in general enjoyed a comfortable fit. We actually went down a half-size on this shoe so I was in a 7.5, when I'm normally an 8. I think going a half-size down made the width a better fit for me, as well as the length."

Ventilation - Score: 3.0

Despite the extensive use of mesh in the uppers, breathability was adequate but not outstanding. Siobhan was neither excited nor disappointed with the ventilation. She said, "It could have been better -- my feet got a little warm after playing in them for a while, but it could have been worse. I was kind of on the fence about these. More ventilation would have been great, but it didn't put me off from liking the shoe."

Brittany said, "As with the previous version, this is one of the standout issues for me with this shoe. I found the breathability to be slightly better than the Gel Resolution 3, but I still found the shoes very warm while playing. I definitely needed to take them off after hitting to let my feet air out."

Arch Support - Score: 4.0

The Gel Resolution 4 pleased our testers in this department. Siobhan had no issues with the support and said, "I have a high arch and this felt fine. I felt like my foot fit into it really well, and I didn't have any aching or soreness after a long hit. I definitely felt really well supported in this shoe."

Brittany found a slightly improved arch support. She said, "The Gel Resolution 3 had a slightly higher arch than I am used to, but the Gel Resolution 4 hit the spot perfectly. The slightly lower arch support felt perfect, and I didnŐt notice it at all while playing. No complaints from me on this one!"

Foot Support/Stability - Score: 3.9

Our playtesters continued to enjoy the support in the rest of the shoe, with good ankle support and uncompromising stability. A fan of the foot support and stability was Brittany. She said, "When first trying on the shoes, I felt the Gel Resolution 4 had a slightly wider toe box than the previous version. When I first started hitting I noticed my foot was sliding around a little in the shoe. I then changed sizes and wore a half-size down. This allowed my foot to fit more snuggly in the shoe with less movement. Regardless, I found the ankle support to be stellar."

Siobhan was also very happy with these aspects of the Gel Resolution 4. She said, "I think because this shoe is a little heavier duty than other shoes I have been wearing, and because I was able to find great ankle support, it put me at mental ease. The cage kept me well secured within the shoe, and I could move and change direction comfortably. The heel has the IGS (Impact Guidance System), which helped my foot move in a natural way. I really felt like I had great support and stability without compromising any of my natural court movements. I really liked that after the break-in period the stiffness softened a little, with no loss of support."

Overall Sole Durability - Score: 4.1

The impressive durability of the Gel Resolution 4 had our two testers raving about the quality of the sole. Siobhan thought that the sole durability was high quality. She said, "Impressive. It's a heavy duty sole. Good pivot points allowed me to move aggressively in these without the sole smoothing out."

Brittany agreed, saying, "This shoe definitely did not disappoint when it came to durability. I found very little smoothing on the sole, and I felt it held up well to my training. It is definitely on my list as one of the top durability shoes, and it comes with a 6-month guarantee! I also didn't have any TPU breaking off the side of the shoe like I did with the previous version."

Toe Durability - Score: 4.0

Continued high quality durability on the toe was noticed by our testers. Brittany thought the toe durability met her high standards. She said, "The multicolor bumper held up to my tough toe dragging. It comes high on the shoe to protect the top of the shoe. I also found the toe bumper to be slightly thicker than the normal tennis shoe toe bumper, which allowed it to last longer. The bumper showed slight smoothing on the right foot, but I have no doubt that it will last a long time."

Siobhan summed it up in one word. "Great," she said. "There's really nothing to comment on here because, although I'm not a toe dragger, I didn't see anything other than very minimal wear."

Traction - Score: 3.8

Changing direction was easy in the Gel Resolution 4, with a great grip on the court increasing our testers' ability to move quickly. Brittany found the traction to be above average in this shoe. She said, "I was able to really grip the court and push off when making quick starts and stops (sometimes a little too well). I was able to changing direction with ease, especially during high intensity point play."

Siobhan had similar thoughts, saying, "I moved great in these shoes. There was no slippage, and it really felt like I could change direction well. I noticed, because the shoe was a darker cosmetic, that it picked up a lot of tennis ball fluff, but to its credit it didn't slip even then. I definitely felt comfortable moving in this shoe, and like I mentioned earlier, the stability was good even on quick movements or changes of direction."

Weight - Score: 3.2

Our playtesters found the weight to be a little on the heavier side in comparison to recent tests. For Siobhan, weight was the aspect of the shoe that she didn't like as much. She said, "If I'm going to be really picky the weight was probably my only issue with this shoe, and to be honest, it can't really be classified as an issue. I've been playing with really light shoes lately (Asics Speed Solution, Nike Zoom Courtlite 3), so I did notice that this shoe was a bit heavier. It's not a bad thing, though. I've just been enjoying the lightweight shoes, and I felt a little bit slower on court during this playtest."

Brittany had similar thoughts, saying, "I found the Gel Resolution 4 to be on the heavier side. But, with the weight came the stability, so I felt there was a reasonable trade-off. I'm a fan of lighter weight shoes, and this one came in just a little heavier than I would like to wear for matches. I could still move around, but it took a little bit of time to get used to the weight."

Overall - Score: 3.9


Siobhan - "I'm becoming a big fan of Asics, and this shoe was up to par. Comfort and stability were big positives."

Brittany - "I liked the durability and the interesting color combo!"


Siobhan - "Ventilation and weight. But that's really just a pickiness versus actual dislike."

Brittany - "The shoe didn't fit my foot as well as I would have liked. I thought the ventilation was just OK, and the weight slightly heavier than I prefer."

Comparing the Gel Resolution to other shoes they've worn, our testers said:

Siobhan - "This shoe is comparable to the Asics Solution Speed in terms of comfort after a brief wear-in period and continued comfort well into wearing them."

Brittany - "Obviously, I would compare this shoe to the Gel Resolution 3 on a variety of aspects, such as comfort, weight, stability and durability. I also found similarities between it and the KSwiss Tennis Tubes 100, but with better durability."


Playtester Foot Types:
Siobhan - Medium width / High arch
Brittany - Narrow width / Medium arch

Review date: March 2012. If you found this review interesting or have further questions or comments please contact us.

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