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adidas adizero Feather Women's Shoe Review


  • Weight
  • Stability
  • Durability


  • Long break-in period
  • Heel collar too high for some
adizero Feather Woman Shoe Scores
Comfort 2.4
Ventilation 4.1
Arch Support 2.2
Foot Support/Stability 3.5
Overall Sole Durability 4.0
Toe Durability 4.2
Traction 4.3
Weight 4.3
Overall 3.3
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One of the keys to being quick on the court is being light on your feet. With its streamlined construction, the adizero Feather aims to bring featherweight lightness to your footwork.

This updated version of the Feather shoe carries on where the ClimaCools left off by combining speed and style. A modified herringbone pattern in the durable adiWEAR 6 rubber outsole provides traction on all court surfaces. Stability is enhanced by the Extended Torsion system -- similar in design to that found in the adidas Barricade models.

The impressive array of speed, style and stability features meant this was a shoe we just had to test. Read on to see how the adizero Feather performed during our month-long playtest.

Comfort - Score: 2.4

adizero feather

Due to a long break-in period and a narrow fit, all of our playtesters struggled with the comfort of the adidas adizero Feathers. Brittany said, "Unfortunately, due to the long break-in period the shoes were fairly uncomfortable during the first two weeks. I felt some pinching on the sides of my feet."

Kana had some trouble with the arches saying, "The shoe is narrow and the placement of the arch is too far forward. I could feel the Extended Torsion System at the outside of my foot, making it feel like there was an outside arch bruising the lateral side of my foot."

Suzie also had some discomfort. She said, "The shoes were not as comfortable as I would have liked, especially at the beginning. The shoes were very narrow and I got blisters on my toes. The area that bothered me the most was my ankles, which got poked and rubbed by the ankle collar."

Not liking the the fit, Eileen said, "The shoe comes up too high on my ankles, rubbing them during play. I had blister issues on the top left side of my left ankle."

Ventilation - Score: 4.1

All the playtesters agreed that the synthetic perforated leather uppers provided solid ventilation in the adizero Feather. Eileen said, "The shoe has great ventilation, with great breathing throughout the shoe."

The same was true for Brittany, who offered, "I felt there was enough ventilation in the shoe. My feet never felt like they was overheating."

Kana agreed as well, saying, "The ventilation seemed adequate."

"The leather has perforations, which acts as a good ventilation system," said Suzie. "These lightweight shoes were breathable, and almost didn't even seem like tennis shoes."

Arch Support - Score: 2.2

Even though they had mixed opinions on the arch, our playtesters agreed that the arch was a bit of an issue. Kana said "The arches were too far forward, causing pain in my feet."

Also having problems with the arch was Brittany. She said, "I could feel a small additional arch on the outside of the foot that was uncomfortable. Once the shoe was broken in, I did not feel the outer arch and the regular arch support felt a little high."

Suzie struggled as well. She said, "The arch was too high and the rest of my foot went higher up into the shoe, leading to other fit issues. I was constantly pulling at the top of the shoe to adjust the fit near my ankle, which bothered me a lot."

Having a different opinion on the arch, Eileen said, "The arch was very flat for me. I felt like the whole shoe was long and flat. My feet ached at the end of play, like the fit was off."

Foot Support/Stability - Score: 3.5

The adiPRENE and adiPRENE+ cushioning systems provide the support for this lightweight performance shoe. Eileen said, "The support and stability are there, but the shoe comes up too high on my ankles. This shoe was pretty narrow, so it felt like I was sliding into the front of the shoe during play. However, I never felt like my ankles would roll over in this shoe."

Suzie found success on the court, saying, "Even though the tongue of the shoe is thin and the shoe fits really tightly, I think it held my foot together pretty well when I was playing. My foot didn't slide inside the shoe. I felt like I could run confidently on a tennis court, do conditioning off the court, wear them during a lift and even on a hike. The shoe was definitely supportive and stable on all surfaces."

Struggling with added length in the shoe, Brittany said, "I did find the shoes to be long, and I had some extra length toward the toe. This caused my feet to slide forward and backward when playing, due to the extra room. On the plus side, the shoes had significant ankle support, and I felt confident moving in the shoes."

Kana agreed, "I felt the shoes were longer than normal, so my feet would slide forward at times. Moving side to side they felt better, and my feet felt supported."

Sole Durability - Score: 4.0

adidas adizero feather Women's Shoe

The adiWEAR6 outsole pleased the testers with how it was standing up to hard court use. Kana said, "I didn't put much wear on the outsoles, and I found them to be very durable."

Eileen was pleased as well, saying, "I found great sole durability. There was no wear shown at all. I thought it was a great sole, while still keeping the shoes light."

Seeing a little wear, Brittany said, "The outsoles held up quite nicely for the amount of time I put on them. I thought they met my expectations of durability. I did see a little smoothness in the toe area."

"adidas' latest technology really helps keep the soles durable, even after lots of hours on the court," said Suzie. "Compared to other shoes, the overall sole durability was above average. However, I would have felt better about the price and overall durability if these shoes had a 6-month guarantee."

Toe Durability - Score: 4.2

The adiTUFF material met expectations with the toe-dragging playtesters. Suzie was impressed with the toe durability, saying, "I think this was the best part of the shoe. The adiTUFF on the toe and medial side of the shoe is amazing, and completely protects the shoe. There was no damage to the shoe (even if you are an extreme toe dragger) after hours of playing."

Also pleased was Eileen. She said, "There is a built up toe guard that protects the shoe. The toe guard shows a little wear where I dragged my toe, but it is very durable and it looks great on the shoe."

Brittany observed some wear on her shoes, saying, "The adiTUFF held up well on the toe. After several weeks the material was scuffed up pretty noticeably and showed some smoothness."

Traction - Score: 4.3

All the playtesters agreed that the traction on this shoe was a strength. Finding confidence, Eileen said, "The traction was perfect. I felt confident moving all around the court, whether I was starting, stopping or changing directions."

Brittany said, "The outsole of the Feathers allowed me to get a good grip on the court. I was able to start and stop without feeling like I was going to roll my ankle. I was also able to change directions on the court without feeling like I was slipping or sliding."

Kana added, "The traction on the shoe was great. Stopping and starting wasn't a problem, and I didn't feel any slippage when I was running aggressively."

"The traction is a big part of the adizero Feather because these shoes are all about speed and quick movement on the court," said Suzie. "I had no problem with changing directions, including starting and stopping. I even worked out in these shoes on long runs and off-court training and felt really comfortable in them."

Weight - Score: 4.3

  Adizero Feather Women's Shoe

The weight of this shoe really impressed all the playtesters. Suzie said, "The shoes are very lightweight, which I love, and they fit like a glove, almost too snug. The lightweight feel was really nice because I hate it when shoes feel heavy and I can't move in them."

Kana agreed, saying, "I love lighter shoes, and the weight of this shoe was right on point."

Finding a good mix of weight and durability was Eileen. She said, "It was the perfect weight with a durable sole. A nice combination."

Brittany was impressed as well, saying, "This shoe made me feel light and quick on the court. This is one of the biggest factors I consider when I wear shoes."

Overall - Score: 3.3

Offering a stylish look, impressive stability and a high level of durability, the adizero Feather brings a lot of performance to the courts. Our testers were impressed with the traction they found during hard court play. The light feel was one of the highlights, as well as the ventilation. All playtesters felt the narrow width and awkward arch led to a long break-in period. However, once broken in, the adizero Feather became a top performer.


Brittany - "I absolutely loved how the shoes looked aesthetically because of the bright purple color. They looked really good on, and I received lots of compliments."

Suzie - "I love the cosmetics and the bright purple, very trendy and fun. My favorite parts were the glitter on the soles of the shoes and how the shoes look good enough to walk around in after you are done with tennis."

Kana - "The cosmetic of the shoe is very appealing, especially since women's shoes are relatively conservative. adidas stepped it up in the design."

Eileen - "The weight and durability."


Brittany - "The long break-in period and the comfort was just not what I was hoping for."

Suzie - "These shoes were not as comfortable as I would have liked. They were too narrow for my feet, the arch was too high, and my ankle and toes were affected because of it."

Kana - "They were just not comfortable for me."

Eileen - "The fit was off for me. They felt really long as I put them on for the first time and the shoes came up really high on the top of my feet and ankles. The arch was too flat for me so my feet hurt after playing. I had to wear theses shoes a few hours to get used to the fit."

Comparing the shoes to others they've worn, our testers said:

Eileen "I play in the adidas Barricade 6. Of course it's the same brand, so some of the great Barricade features are on this shoe. The sole and weight are great. The long flat arch of this shoe was too uncomfortable for me. I prefer the fit and comfort of the Barricade 6."

Brittany "The narrowness of the shoe is similar to the Nike Lunar Speed 2. Unfortunately, the fit was not comfortable for my feet."

Suzie "My shoes of choice are the adidas Barricades, so I was very excited to try out the adizero Feathers. When I tried them out I was a little disappointed. Although these are my favorite cosmetics in a shoe, I did not feel as comfortable in them as I would have liked. However, they were durable and the trendy look made it worth it for me."

Kana "I'm uncomfortable with narrow shoes, but the fit of the shoes seemed to be engineered wrong with the arch placement. The adiTUFF material at the toe box makes it look like I toe drag more than I do because the wear is very visible."


Playtester Foot Types:
Brittany - Narrow width/Medium arch
Kana - Wide width/Low arch
Eileen - Narrow width / Medium arch
Suzie - Wide width/Medium arch

Review date: March 2011. If you found this review interesting or have further questions or comments please contact us.

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