Raising Your Child To Be A Champion

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Wayne Bryan, father of ATP touring pros Mike and Bob Bryan, brings his winning formula for raising a young champion to book format. Bryan spends a great deal of his time running the ATP's KIDS DAYS program and lecturing at tournaments around the country. His many lectures, guiding tennis parents on how to motivate their children, how to get them through the tough times, instilling positive reinforcement and a host of life lessons, led Bryan to put his teachings into print.

In The Formula, Bryan, with the help of award winning journalist Woody Woodburn, presents an easy and enjoyable guide to raising a young champion. Each chapter outlines the challenges faced by both the parent and the child and offers solutions to make each step in the process fun and productive. Bryan does a good job of relating life examples to each chapter topic with interesting anecdotes on his own experiences raising his boys.

The Formula is a quick and easy read and provides a valuable resource for both parents and coaches. Creative illustrations by Chris Martinez round out this entertaining book.

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