How to choose a racquet

If you need help finding a racquet, then you've come to the right place! We have all the tools and resources you'll need to not only find the perfect racquet for your game, but to also educate yourself on subjects ranging from technologies and customization to how to measure your grip size, strings and much, much more.

Racquet Selection Tool

Our insanely easy-to-use racquet finder quickly narrows down the vast selection of racquets to those best suited to your game. Give it a try and you'll be hitting the perfect racquet in no time. Learn more

What Plays Like A...

The concept for "What Plays Like A" actually came from you, the customer. One of the most popular questions we get asked is "what does a certain racquet play similarly to?" So we decided to develop this tool to help answer some of those questions. Learn more

Basic Racquet Facts

  • A heavier frame = more power.
  • A heavier frame = less vibration.
  • A heavier frame = larger sweetspot.
  • A stiffer frame = more power.
  • A stiffer frame = larger sweetspot.
  • A stiffer frame transmits more of the shock load to the arm than a more flexible frame.
  • A stiffer frame provides a more uniform ball response across the entire string plane.
  • A larger frame = more power.
  • A larger frame = resistant to twisting.
  • A larger frame = larger sweetspot.
  • A longer frame = more velocity and therefore more power.
  • A longer frame = more spin due to increased velocity.

Once You've Decided