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Prince Warrior Hybrid Control combines two separate strings on one reel! On one side of the reel there is Tour XC 16L, a low powered co-poly offering durability, control and very easy access to spin. On the other side of the reel is Premier Control, a comfortable string with a firm triple core surrounded by an army of velvety filaments. The result of this combination is a hybrid that delivers incredible spin and control along with plenty of comfort and touch.

  • Gauge: Tour XC 16L - 1.27mm/ Premier Control 16 - 1.30mm
  • Length: Tour XC 16L - 330 feet / Premier Control 16 - 330 feet
  • Composition: Tour XC - Co-polyester/ Premier Control - 3 core construction surrounded w/multifilament wraps
  • Color: Tour XC - Black/ Premier Control - Black

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