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Most popular textured string offering maximum spin, control and power. Triple twist contruction utilizes Duraflex for increased durability and consistency.
  • Gauge: 15L (1.38mm)
  • Length: 328 feet
  • Primary Benefit: This very popular textured string is known best for providing high levels of spin and control.
  • Composition: Contoured nylon composite with Duraflex for maximum ball grip.
  • Performance ratings:
    Playability: 8.00
    Durability: 8.00
    Overall: 8.00
  • Available colors: White

This product is also available in these variations

Prince Topspin 15L String
Price: $7.00
Large wraps around a solid core give this string a texture designed to bite the ball for more spin. Duraflex is added to increase durability.
Color: Available: Order:
White 20+
Yellow 20+

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