Polyfibre Viper 17/1.20 String

Price: $14.90
In Stock: 5+
The Polyfibre Viper is the most comfortable, arm-friendly polyester string Polyfibre makes. We found the string to strike the ball with plenty of bite and control. Polyfibre claims to have improved string durability due to reduced string movement. With the soft touch, we liked this string for volleys up at net.
  • Gauge: 17g (1.20mm)
  • Length: 39 feet (12.0 meters)
  • Composition: Extruded co-polyester Polyethylen
  • Color: Silver

This product is also available in these variations

Polyfibre Viper 16L/1.25 String
Price: $14.90
Viper is a soft, arm-friendly co-poly offering good ball bite and ball pocketing. Reduced string movement and a soft touch.
Available: 5+

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