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An often-copied racquet, the Radical still leads the way for maneuverability, spin, control and feel all in one package. Like the others listed here, those who like to take a big cut at the ball will love the way this one still helps them find their targets.

What Plays Like A Head YOUTEK Radical MP

Head YOUTEK IG Radical Midplus Racquets
Was $189.95
Now $119.95
You Save 70.00!

Donnay X-Dual Silver 99 Racquet

Head YOUTEK IG Speed 300 Racquets
Was $199.95
Now $99.95
You Save 100.00!

Pacific X Force Racquets
Was $199.95
Now $134.95
You Save 65.00!

Prince EXO3 Tour Team 100 Racquets

Solinco Pro 8 Racquets

Volkl Organix 10 (295g) Racquets