MSV Focus Hex 17L (1.18) String

Price: $7.90
MSV Focus Hex 17L (1.18) Black String
In Stock: 14
  • Color: Black
MSV Focus Hex 17L (1.18) Red String
In Stock: 15
  • Color: Red
MSV Focus Hex 17L (1.18) White String
In Stock: 6
  • Color: White
Featuring a hexagonal profile for increased ball bite and spin production, Focus Hex is a great choice for today's power player. Provides a high level of control and a softer feel than traditional polyester strings, this string is hexagonal version of Co.-Focus. We found excellent access to spin when testing this string. Comfort was also impressive for a co-poly and the thin gauge offers some useful pop.
  • Gauge: 17L / 1.18mm
  • Length: 40ft/12m
  • Construction: Extruded co-polyester monofilament
  • Color: Black, Red and White

This product is also available in these variations

MSV Co.-Focus 16L (1.27) String
Price: $7.90
A soft co-poly offering impressive ball pocketing and excellent control. A good choice for today's power hitter.
Color: Available: Order:
Blue 5
Gold 6
Dark Blue Yes
Red 02/25
White Yes
Yellow Yes

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