Luxilon ALU Power 15 String Reel

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This is the thickest version of the iconic Alu Power, a string which has achieved near cult status on the pro tour. At 1.38mm this one offers a nice boost in durability along with maximum directional control. This explains why our playtesters reported total confidence on their biggest swings, a fact which allowed them to take huge upward cuts at the ball in order to increase spin. Despite its thickness, this one not only offers impressive feel but it also snaps back effectively so as to multiply ball rotation.

This thicker gauge is perfect for super open string patterns where the added durability and directional control comes in handy.

  • Gauge: 15/1.38mm
  • Length: 660 feet / 200m
  • Composition Co-polymer Monofilament
  • Colors: Silver

String Comparison: Babolat RPM Blast vs Luxilon ALU Power

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