Kirschbaum Spiky Shark 16 (1.30) String Yellow

Price: $12.00
In Stock: 10+
Kirschbaum has patented a special technique to offer tremendous grip on the ball providing superior spin. The octagonal profile of Spiky Shark not only enhances spin, but creates good ball pocketing and excellent control. This soft polyester string is comfortable on the arm and easy to string, relative to other polyesters.

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  • Length: 39 feet / 12 m
  • Gauge: 16 / 1.30 mm
  • Color: Yellow

This product is also available in these variations

Kirschbaum Spiky Shark 16 660 String Reel Yellow
Price: $149.00
Extreme ball grip with a patented technique. A soft feel along with good ball pocketing add nice control.
Available: 2+
Kirschbaum Spiky Shark 17 (1.25) String Yellow
Price: $12.00
Spiky Shark uses a patented technology to help put some serious bite on the ball, creating great access to spin. Offered in a thinner 17 gauge makes for a lively feel.
Available: 18
Kirschbaum Spiky Shark 17 660 String Reel Yellow
Price: $149.00
Using an octagonal profile in Spiky Shark, access to spin is easy to generate. This soft polyester makes stringing easy. Offered in a reel, ideal for home stringing efficiency.
Available: 2+

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