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A soft and powerful co-poly string. Offers vastly improved ball pocketing and comfort compared to early poly strings. We found excellent spin potential with this string and good tension maintenance for a monofilament.
  • Length: 660 feet / 200m
  • Gauge: 16L / 1.25
  • Construction: Co-polyester monofilament. Advanced surface modification increases grip qualities which help minimize string slipping and offer an optimum ball contact.
  • Color: Natural

This product is also available in these variations

Kirschbaum P2 16 (1.30) String Reel
Price: $119.00
The most durable of the P2 strings (due to thicker gauge). P2 is a soft co-poly monofilament string. Offers some nice ball pocketing, good pop, excellent spin potential and is very durable.
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Kirschbaum P2 17L (1.20) String Reel
Price: $119.00
This thin gauge of P2 offers good ball speed off the stringbed and excellent access to spin. P2 is a soft co-poly monofilament string.
Available: 2

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