KT Tape Pro

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KT Tape Pro 20 Pre-Cut Strips Beige
In Stock: Yes
  • Color: Beige
KT Tape Pro 20 Pre-Cut Strips Black
In Stock: Yes
  • Color: Black
KT Tape Pro 20 Pre-Cut Strips Blue
In Stock: Yes
  • Color: Blue
KT Tape Pro 20 Pre-Cut Strips Deep Blue
In Stock: Yes
  • Color: Deep Blue
KT Tape Pro 20 Pre-Cut Strips Green
In Stock: Yes
  • Color: Green
KT Tape Pro 20 Pre-Cut Strips Pink
In Stock: Yes
  • Color: Pink
KT Tape Pro 20 Pre-Cut Strips Red
In Stock: Yes
  • Color: Red
KT Tape Pro is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and used to treat and prevent hundreds of common injuries such as knee pain, shin splints, and tennis elbow. With stronger adhesive and a synthetic elastic core, KT Tape Pro takes away the pain, so you can focus on the burn.

KT Tape Pro's stronger elastic core retains its elasticity far better over time than cotton kinesiology tape. This means it will provide strong support, for as long as you're exercising, and then some. Like top athletes, it relies on both strength and endurance to get the job done.

The Matrix is a mechanical mesh weave designed to provide precisely 140% bilinear elasticity along the length of the tape, and no elasticity in the tape's width. 140% elasticity is critical because it is the same elasticity as human skin. By matching the exact elasticity in skin, and stretching lengthwise, KT Tape flexes and moves comfortably with the body's tissue, releasing and recoiling like a rubber-band. KT Tape's unique Matrix Mesh also allows for moisture release which is critical for comfort and wear-ability. The more porous the tape's weave, the better it releases moisture caused by sweating or being worn in the water. The design provides more breathability and release of moisture so that it is comfortable to wear for up to five days at a time without itching, irritation or reactions with the skin.

Here is how it works, KT Tape is applied along muscles, ligaments, and tendons (soft tissue) to provide a lightweight, strong, external support that helps to prevent injury and speed recovery. KT Tape works differently for different injuries. KT Tape can lift and support the knee cap, holding it in place for Runner's Knee. KT Tape can support sagging muscles along the arch of the foot, relieving the connective tissues for Plantar's Fasciitis. And KT Tape can lift the stress off of shin splints to allow pain release and give the body a better opportunity to recover. Depending on how it is applied, KT Tape supports, enables, or restricts soft tissue and its movement.

  • 1 roll per pack
  • 20 easy to use precut strips per roll
  • Water resistent
  • Reflective for increased visibilty
  • Colors: Beige, Black, Blue, Green, Pink

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