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Klip Natural Gut - Ultimate Feel

KLIP Legend Uncoated Natural Gut 16 String
Price: $25.95
Uncoated Legend natural gut for the ultimate in feel and ball bite.
Available: 20+

Klip Polyester - Control, Durability & Spin

KLIP Hardcore 17 String
Price: $7.99
Buy 4 or more for $5.99 each.
Designed to meet the needs of heavy hitters, Klip Hardcore is a responsive string with good durability characteristics. This thinner 17 gauge version offers slightly more playability while still offering plenty of durability.
Available: 10

Klip Synthetic Gut - All Around Playability

KLIP Scorcher 17 String
Price: $6.95
A double wrap synthetic gut designed to be spin friendly and offer increased ball speed.
Color: Available: Order:
White 5+
KLIP Kicker 16 Synthetic Gut String Gold
Price: $3.99
A classic synthetic gut with good feel and playability.
Available: 10+
Klip Synthetic Gut 16 String
Price: $4.49
Offers solid performance without breaking the bank. An impressive entry level string, from Klip.
Color: Available: Order:
Gold 5+

Klip Hybrid String Sets

KLIP Blast 16 Hybrid String
Price: $7.99
A Soft Compound Synthetic Gut/Polyester hybrid string combination. More durable but with slightly less power than Klip's other Hybrid, Adrenalin.
Available: 8

Klip Reels

KLIP K-Boom 17 String Reel
Price: $149.99
A thin yet durable string. Softer and more forgiving feel than traditional polyester strings, K-Boom features a co-polymer/polyester mix. A great choice for string breakers looking for something more arm friendly than traditional durability strings.
Available: 1
KLIP Optic Nerve 16 String Reel
Price: $159.99
A softer feeling polyester that's easier on the arm and easier to string. Plenty of power and control offered in a reel for efficient stringing and hybrid applications.
Available: 2