James Jensen - Ultimate Return of Serve DVD

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In this dynamic release by USPTA Pro James Jensen you will learn the proper strategy, tactics and techniques needed to return serve successfully against your opponent to gain advantage during match play. The return of serve is considered the most important shot in tennis and by consistently breaking your opponents serve you steadily take away one of his biggest weapons and break down his confidence. Strategies and tactics covered by Pro Jensen in this quality DVD include: Proper court position and racquet preparation when returning serve, the correct modified back swing for returning fast aggressive serves, the techniques for returning different types of serves including the slice, flat and kick servers, how to take advantage of weak second serves, what target areas to return your serve to, the importance of the pre-match warm up for reading your opponent's serve, proper footwork for covering all areas of the court with the least amount of effort, winning patterns of play for coming off your return of serve, tactics for following up your return of serve so you control the court and point, serve and volley techniques, how to read your opponent's serve before he hits it, the proper strategy for returning from the deuce and ad court sides, different types of forehand and backhand techniques for returning serve, how to return a serve that is hit directly into your body, returning serve with a lob and drop shot, how to use the proper foot work for dominate court position upon returning serve, ways to be aggressive and attack your opponent's serve, plus much more! Get ready to improve your return of serve skills with this valuable lesson.
  • Running time: Approx. 75 minutes.
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