James Jensen - Ultimate Forehand DVD

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Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player this DVD will help you improve your forehand shot making skills. In great detail and easy to understand presentation Tennis Pro, James Jensen, teaches each important aspect of the forehand. Instruction includes proper grip, footwork, ready position, early racquet preparation, proper wrist, shoulder and arm position, the correct follow through, how to generate top spin, correct path of the racquet, keeping the racquet vertical at impact, how to use your legs properly, the correct way to rotate and turn your entire body into the forehand for ultimate hitting power, how to hit cross court, down the line and inside out forehand winners, use of the closed and open stance and the correct point at which to strike the ball as it comes off the court. Also learn how to improve your forehand accuracy, your balance, rhythm and timing. Learn how to hit in your power zone, with stroke production drills, correct wall and ball machine training, proper choice of racquets, how to raise your consistency, match preparation and much, much more! Don't wait, make your forehand the ultimate weapon with James Jensen's "Ultimate Forehand" DVD!
  • Running time: Approx. 75 minutes.
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