James Jensen - Ultimate Backhand DVD

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For most players the backhand is the weaker stroke, but that no longer has to be the case with the help of Tennis Pro James Jensen's "Ultimate Backhand" training DVD. In this dynamic lesson Coach Jensen will help build your one handed and two handed backhand into a winning stroke your opponents will fear and try to avoid. You will immediately improve your backhand as Jensen carefully teaches the proper backhand grip for creating top spin with accuracy, correct footwork for setting up the ultimate one handed, two handed and slice backhand shot, proper ready position, important early racquet preparation, correct racquet path to the ball, at what point to strike the ball, the backhand follow through, use of your legs and upper body for developing ultimate backhand power, how to develop unbeatable cross court and down the line backhand winners, proper vertical racquet position when striking the ball for ultimate backhand consistency, how to know whether the one handed or two handed backhand is right for you, common errors and how to avoid them, wall and ball machine backhand training drills and much more! With this valuable DVD in your tennis library you can now develop a confident backhand stroke that is sure to bring you more consistent wins in club and tournament play. Whether you are a singles or doubles player, Jenson will help you to improve your backhand technique.
  • Running time: Approx. 96 minutes.
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