ISOSPEED Energetic 17 String Reel Gold

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On initial inspection, Energetic has visual similarities to Kevlar or an aramid product, but the comparison ends there. Iso-Speed claims the multifilament Energetic 17 combines comfort, control and durability. This string is recognized in particular for its tension maintenance. A popular choice for players using larger racquets. Iso-Speed Energetic 17 gauge is a multifilament with an inner core comprised of 280 polyemide fibers with an outer core of 600 polyester fibers. Polyolefin ribbons are then applied to create the outer wrap.
  • Gauge: 17 (1.20mm)
  • Length: 660 feet/ 200 m.
  • Benefits: Pre-stretched filament technology. High marks for tension maintenance with good durability. High spin production with limited trampoline effect.
  • Available colors: Gold

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ISOSPEED Energetic 16 String Reel Gold
Price: $109.99
Combines comfort, control and durability offering similarities to Kevlar or an aramid product. Offered in a reel for hybriding and efficiency.
Available: 2+
ISOSPEED Energetic 17 String Gold
Price: $8.99
Buy 5 or more for $7.99 each. Buy 10 or more for $6.99 each.
Pre-stretched filament technology. High marks for tension maintenance, playability and good durability for a 17 gauge multifilament.
Available: 1

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